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Trend Spotlight: Oversized sofas in the workplace

Once upon a time, the state of commercial interior design was dictated by a desire to see employees sitting up right and smartly dressed at their own assigned workstation or dedicated desk. Today, employers are increasingly more at home with seeing their staff slouching on big, squishy sofas in shared work settings, collaborating, concentrating or simply chilling out.

In fact, our experts have identified oversized sofas in the workplace as a growing trend – a design feature which they also see perfectly facilitating a new flexible approach to how employees now use and occupy an office environment. Not just any old sofas either – we’re talking about the kinds of couches that are comfortable for kicking back on but many of which are also highly multifunctional in modular, reconfigurable designs.

In this blog post, we’re profiling some great examples out there on the market right now for those who are looking to rethink their office design or simply refresh their furniture portfolio. Each one brings something a little different to the table, demonstrating how the versatility of the humble old sofa now has a valuable place in future-proof commercial design. This is particularly true for those with a penchant for a resimercial look & feel, or those looking to expand breakout and collaboration spaces as we move even further away from the generation of static seating and dedicated desks.

So in honour of sofas most likely becoming a key feature in modern office, hospitality and interior design within the education sector, we wanted to tap into the brains of our furniture experts to find out more about their favourite designs. Below is some of the most coveted soft seating amongst the Penketh Group team right now, from modern and modular, to comfy and casual.

Match Sofa – Prostoria 

Born from a family of modular sofas, Match offers a number of different compositions meaning it can be easily adapted and configured according to space or requirement. A cold foam filling ensures long-term comfort, while smooth, simple lines blend beautifully with a diverse spectrum of aesthetics. Match’s morphology means it can be scaled up to accommodate a larger workforce, distanced collaboration and more densely populated meetings, or sized down to suit somewhere demanding a more modest footprint. It’s soft silhouette feeds into all the benefits of introducing domestic elements into a commercial workspace.

Cloud Sofa – Prostoria

As with Prostoria’s Match Sofa, Cloud also comes from a collection of reconfigurable sofas, designed to be ‘morphed’ and adapted according to the space in which it sits. Cold foam filling creates volume, while a layer of plush feather filling creates a light bounce and the design’s signature sitting-on-a-cloud experience. The perfect place to spend rejuvenation time, or to hold informal meetings and more casual idea-sharing.

Absent Sofa – Prostoria

The Absent Sofa has a signature fluidity, with the lines of the design flowing without any particular angular junctions. It’s unique silhouette is inspired the human body as it assumes a semi-reclined position between sitting upright and laying down. Abstract is designed to make those sitting on it feel relaxed, comfortable and as though the mind is at ease whilst still being supportive, making it a strong contender for those looking towards furniture which addresses the mental wellbeing of space occupants. The perfect place to inspire more open conversations, more dynamic idea-sharing and more intimate one-to-one meetings.

Recover – Bolia 

The Recover series is comprised of a series of building blocks, from corner units in various sizes and modular arm rests to back units and wooden brackets, as well as 2-unit, 3-unit and backless modules. This means that you are able to more freely mould the furniture to the space and easily expand or shrink it as you see fit. Not only that, the Recover series puts a heavy emphasis on sustainability, using surplus recyclable foam filling and removable fabric cover to extend the lifespan of the product.

Cosmia – Bolia 

As a contemporary take on the classic sofa, the Cosmia series is collection of modular sofas designed with both “comfort and class” in mind. Like the Recover series, Cosmia also focuses heavily on sustainability and a finish which means it provides soft seating that is built to last – the ideal solution for high footfall areas and shared workspaces where day-to-day collaboration, breakout, rejuvenation and touchdown tasks take place. Wide surfaces and deep seat depth makes the space feel like a home-from-home, promoting ergonomic comfort. Modules can be easily combined and reconfigured to suit the individual needs of your business and its staff.

Rope Sofa – Normann Copenhagen

This modular sofa series with Scandinavian influence prioritises comfort and flexibility for the user – two elements which our experts are highlighting as essential for factors for the post-pandemic workplace as employees desire an increased consideration for wellbeing. The adaptability of this modular design offers a wealth of choices aimed at encouraging creative expression and personal identity. Rope’s sihouette is shaped by soft curves and playful shapes, adding an touch of fun to your furniture portfolio.

Some other beautiful sofas we’re admiring right now:

Alphabet Sofa – Fritz Hansen 

Designed by Piero Lissoni, the contemporary Alphabet Sofa is inspired by the stackable, buildable, reconfigurable nature of Lego bricks. Elegant piping and a sophisticated fabric palette make this a stylish, design-led addition to any workspace with all the added benefits of complete adaptability and your chance to put your stamp on your soft seating solution. Corner seats combined with armchairs and multi-seater sofas enable you to create various nooks and neighbourhoods within the same cohesive work setting.

Sofa, so good? Sorry, that was terrible but all (awful) jokes aside, we pride ourselves on our ability to keep on fingers on the pulse of the latest trends and product developments so if you’re looking to update your space with a new sofa, look no further. 

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