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Technology for office lecture theatres

An effective learning or training environment is one that encourages participation and significantly increases students and workers attention and understanding.  We know that active learning is essential for maintaining engagement, which can be facilitated by providing lecture theatres that blend collaborative technology and learning tools within a flexible space to support movement and participation.

We are part of the North-West Universities Purchasing Consortium and are recognised as being at the forefront of the latest innovations in teaching and learning spaces. All that expertise is at your fingertips when you want to include educational resources in your new or refurbished office project.


Technology and furniture for lecture theatres

We understand that professional learning has transformed in recent years. Driven by emerging technology and changing expectations, it’s no longer simply about transferring blocks of information from teacher to student. Today, training has become more collaborative, interactive, and user-focused—very much a two-way process. With that in mind, we create environments that empower and inspire talented people, enabling them to enjoy learning and fulfil their potential.

Resources that make this possible include smart displays, screen sharing and the latest flexible audio technology. We also recognise the need for flexible facilities that make the most of limited space. Adaptability to different teaching styles and learning preferences is built-into every lecture theatre we create. Resilience too: the furniture we incorporate is not only stylish but also made to withstand constant use.

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The benefits of lecture theatre technology

Presentations, meetings, and pitches become much more compelling and engaging with multiple screens, interactive smart boards, superb acoustics, and advanced AV solutions.

The latest technology also ensures that speakers are heard in spaces, large or small, while free to move around and engage with students.

Integrated teaching space technology allows for recorded and shareable course content, if anyone can’t be there in person—in real time or later. This is essential in the age of hybrid working.

How we implement lecture room technology for businesses

Every project brings a different set of challenges, requiring a unique solution. Before we start designing, we spend time listening. That’s how we discover how your teams prefer to work, and their training needs. We’ll base our proposal on several factors, including:

  • Do you need a dedicated lecture theatre or a flexible space that can also be used for presentations and other events?
  • Which technology and equipment are most suitable?
  • How many people are typically involved?
  • Do you want all the technology in the space to work together with a fully integrated solution?
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Our office technology showroom

Our showroom in central Manchester provides the opportunity to experience first had the power that comes from carefully selected workplace technology. Ready to explore the exciting possibilities of office lecture theatre technology? Book your visit below!

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