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Individual office spaces

Are you sitting comfortably? If you work in an office, chances are that by the time you retire, you will have spent over 80,000 hours sat at a desk, which accounts for around 75% of the typical persons working lifetime. It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that comfort is a key contributor when it comes to our ability to remain focused and complete our best work. With research indicating that 98% of the most highly engage workers can move around freely throughout the day, it’s clear to see why carefully constructed individual spaces are such an important consideration when it comes to office design.

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At Penketh Group, we design individual spaces that support workers throughout various modes of work, whether used by one person or as part of a hotdesking policy. We understand that individual desks and workstations need to empower independent and collaborative work, while providing comfort and optimum levels of support, so if you’re considering bench desking, height adjustable or more flexible modular options, our team of experts are on hand to transform you space.


How we plan individual workspaces

When the expert Penketh Group design team starts to create your new office and individual spaces, the natural first step is to explore how your people work. Ensuring that workstations adjust to the needs of the individuals who use them is key for fostering high levels of comfort and engagement, We’ll create bespoke concepts and detailed designs according to the unique requirements of your teams. Questions we ask include:

  • What components does each individual need?
  • Will the space comprise of assigned desks or support a hot desking solution
  • How often do people work remotely?
  • Should considerations be made for specific individual requirements
  • Are you considering a modular or fixed desk approach?


Sustainable office design

We recognise that your organisation may now have a commitment to reaching sustainability goals and a desire to help the planet as much as possible. So let us help by providing furniture, fittings, technology, and supplies that minimise your carbon footprint. We also work hard to repurpose or reuse your existing furniture whenever possible, which means recycling or responsibly disposing of anything that must be replaced.


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Ready to explore the opportunities that can come as a result of strategically designed individual workspaces? A visit to Penketh Group’s spectacular showroom in central Manchester or is the ideal first step.

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