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Hybrid Meeting Technology

Hybrid working policies are no longer a nice-to-have. For many leading organisations, they’re a new necessity especially when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent. In a post pandemic world, more employers than ever before are offering hybrid working. In fact, a recent study by Accenture found that 63% of high-growth companies favour hybrid working models and over 80% of employees believe hybrid working is the way forward.

Evolving to hybrid working

Hybrid working gives greater choice and control and is linked to greater team productivity and improved employee satisfaction, both of which can directly impact bottom-line profits and output. But it also brings many challenges as companies adapt to fewer face-to-face interactions and more virtual meetings. Businesses need to rethink their office spaces – physically and virtually to make hybrid working a success. If you’re considering a new layout, or enhancements to existing spaces to accommodate the latest hybrid meeting technology, Penketh Group’s team of experts is here to help you optimise your space effectively.

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How to plan hybrid meeting areas

Making the office fit for hybrid working isn’t just a case of installing a few video cameras into pre-existing meeting rooms and hoping for the best. It’s time to reassess your entire office environment, thinking about how you work currently and your vision for the space. At Penketh Group, we know your office space is personal. We’ll work with you to understand your environment, culture, and future goals.

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Finding the right solution

When designing your hybrid meeting areas, we’ll ask questions such as:

  • How will employees split their time between home and the physical office environment?
  • Will hybrid working be adopted for both collaborative and independent work?
  • Does your office adopt a bring your own device approach, or will bookable desks be unitised?
  • What common pain points occur as a result of your existing technology?
  • Which components of hybrid working are most beneficial for your business?
  • Do your people need screen sharing abilities, new display screens, updated speaker and sound systems, or other tech?
  • Which tech tools do you currently use to encourage collaboration between in-house and remote staff?
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Benefits of technology for hybrid meetings

Hybrid meetings work best when everyone can participate, collaborate, and put their ideas forward. To do that, you need to utilise technology solutions that ensure your people can engage effectively.

Integrated technology solutions help to facilitate virtual connections between different offices and locations. They speed up decision-making and enhance productivity between teams as everyone can get involved, no matter where they’re based.

Advanced audio solutions, high-quality visual software, and interactive equipment allows creativity to flow through the room with fewer challenges and interruptions. Whether a customer pitch, team-wide meeting, or individual presentation, hybrid meeting technology facilitates any business interaction.

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Our office technology showrooms

Ready to see how technology can elevate your office space for the future? Visit our office design showroom in Manchester to see how our space and tech strategists help businesses like yours take hybrid working to the next level.

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