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Collaborative Office Spaces

Collaboration is more than just sharing ideas or working towards a common goal; it’s an ethos which can be built into the culture of every workplace. Working separately still has its place, but collaboration has improved performance vastly. Purpose-built collaborative spaces have become commonplace in the modern working world to bring hybrid teams together, aid creative thinking, innovation, and idea-sharing.

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According to a study by Steelcase, the top-performing businesses spend 23% more time collaborating than their industry counterparts. But how do you create the right environment for more collaborative work? A huge part of collaborative office space planning is about optimising co-creativity, agile group work and communication between different teams in the workplace. From commercial offices to training and learning spaces within the education sector, staff and students need the right settings and resources to develop better working practices.  

Working together

What are collaborative spaces?

Shifting away from individual desks, collaborative workspaces allow groups and teams to work together when needed. Modular furniture replaces the traditional office model, creating adaptable, flexible spaces and multi-use zones. These functional spaces can be elevated with smart screens and workplace technology, aiding workflows, and encouraging discussion. If noise is a concern, acoustic furniture can reduce distractions by absorbing and dampening sound, allowing your teams to work free from distractions and without interruption. 

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Benefits of collaborative workspace

Office refurbishment is a significant undertaking, but the benefits of collaborative office design cannot be overstated. And it’s not just the obvious advantages like improved communications and productivity. Making better use of your office space nurtures agile and hybrid teams, supports staff well-being and morale and can, in turn, improve ideas, innovation and creativity.  


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