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Video walls

Create the wow factor and ensure your visitors and guests are left with a lasting first impression by transforming your workplace into a fully immersive and impactful environment. With a high-quality viewing experience and seamless picture quality, you are guaranteed to capture your audience’s attention and deliver those key business messages with clarity and conviction.

Video wall display

With the power to create a truly bespoke digital display, a video wall can revolutionise your existing space. By opting for a fully customisable approach, screens of various size, scale and shape can be added to your space, providing an unrivalled picture quality, putting you in control of your brand messaging and communications.

  • Elevate communications, brand messages, and create a captivating visual experience for customers and passers by
  • Extremely narrow bezel creates a seamless picture ensuring that quality is never compromised
  • Any angle viewing gives clear visibility regardless of audience position in relation to the display
  • None glare panels distribute light evenly, even in highly lit spaces
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LED wall panels and signage

An indoor LED display wall is a popular choice when companies are looking to engage with their audience and increase visible reach and impact over competitors. An LED wall allows for the creation of large indoor displays that will set the tone in any environment and are an effective way to communicate brand messages, special offers or information news updates.

  • Ultra-bright display gives maximum impact, even in bright locations and under direct sunlight
  • Streamlined functionality allows easy upload, transmission, and content management
  • Seamless, bevel free technology gives uninterrupted image and content sharing
  • Fully customisable and scalable system provide solutions regardless of space parameters
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Custom video walls

Often seen in spaces that experience high footfall such as office atriums, leisure and retail environments, a customised video wall is an ideal choice when messaging or communication needs to be visually impactful, or when the space requires a solution specific to a designated environment.

  • A great choice for communicating marketing messages and driving audience engagement
  • Video walls are a completely scalable solution so the size and shape can be customised to suit a range of environments
  • Slender design ensures minimal space restrictions while delivering maximum impact
  • HDMI ports allow for UHD content to be shared across multiple screens without an external graphic card
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