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Desk management system

Until recently, desk management solutions were predominantly used only in larger organisations and perceived as a luxury office technology product. With the global pandemic propelling a shift towards more hybrid approaches to working, today a desk management solution has become a necessary space management and optimisation tool in many organisations.

Workspace Management Software

As businesses move away from the traditional ‘owned’ desk approach to allocating office space, business leaders are asking for real time data to better assess, understand, and manage the effectiveness of their space optimisation. Workspace Management Software is a concise and accurate reporting tool, which can help stakeholders to make more strategically informed decisions.

  • Understand how existing space capacity is utilised and performing, and make informed data driven decisions about future office and real estate benefits
  • Improve employee experience with interactive floorplans that clearly show available desk and room availability
  • Reduce costs by identifying redundant or poorly utilised spaces
  • Maintain flexibility for all stakeholders and give greater freedom to utilise a range of spaces
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Desk and Space Analysis Technology

As the way we work continues to become more fluid and drives demand towards more flexible spaces, so does a business’s requirement to become more agile, and adapt to changing demands. A workspace management solution uses AI to create accurate forecasting and planning reports and takes the guess work out of planning the day to day running and maintenance of the office.

  • AI technology will effectively identify and report on workforce and space trends, allowing business decisions to be made more efficiently
  • Reduce cost by only opening, heating, and powering the spaces that are being used
  • With trend reporting and forecasting, decisions around planning events, scheduling maintenance work or closing your space can be made on an informed basis
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Desk and Workspace Management

Gain full transparency and manage your entire office space more effectively from one single interface. Through insight and real time reporting, track, record, and act upon findings to maximise ROI, reduce waste and increase productivity and drive KPI’s.

  • Control space and capacity by limiting the amount of bookable space in each section of the office
  • Give priority access to specific project teams to improve collaboration and drive engagement
  • Manage private offices, meeting spaces and event spaces
  • Close off spaces instantly
  • Improve employee experience by managing demand for spaces
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