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Wireless presenting

We recognise that Ideas can grow and develop quickly when everyone can clearly share, present, and demonstrate thoughts, research, or findings visually. A wireless presentation system puts information sharing at your fingertips, allowing ideas to be communicated on an impromptu basis without the need for complicated integration or wires.

Plug in and present technology

When teams come together and ideas are being generated, it’s important that the creative flow isn’t disturbed when information needs to be shared. A plug in and present solution allows users to simply use a wireless USB connection with their laptop to share their screen on a larger digital display.

  • No additional training is required as the wireless presentation solution connects to an existing USB port
  • Supports collaboration and idea sharing amongst larger teams with up to 16 users able to connect in turn without delay
  • No software integration is required, so the plug in and play solution can also be used by your visitors
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Wireless presentation system

With a wireless presentation solution, you can say goodbye to the stress and frustration that can arise due to poor connections or incompatible pieces of kit. With a high-performance wireless presenting system, your audience can experience full HD video content and high-quality stereo sound without the need of a technology or AV specialist.

  • Customise your displayed content and maximise the sharing capabilities by blending various content sources including videos, sounds and static documents
  • Remove the barrier that comes from multiple screen sizes, brands or styles as the solution is compatible with various display options.
  • Make presentations interactive with annotation and black boarding
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