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Training room technology

Workplace training creates stronger, more skilled teams. It’s a must-have for every successful, growth ambitious organisation, covering everything from business essentials like product and services training, to legal requirements like health and safety. Training is vital for upskilling your people and onboarding new recruits.

According to Forbes, training staff means retaining staff. 93% of employees would stay at a company longer because they felt it invested in their career, and businesses without a well-structured training scheme saw a much higher rate of staff turnover. At Penketh Group, we create attractive, flexible office training spaces and educational zones made to inspire learning.

Technology for training rooms

The success of a training space relies on who, what and where:

Who is taking part? A small group requires a different set-up from a company-wide session, and if external guests or clients are joining, they must feel welcomed and comfortable.

What equipment will be available? Will attendees bring laptops and would they benefit from Integrated technology allows for more plug in and share approach to collaborative and creative sessions,. Interactive boards, speakers and sound systems, and display screens make presentations, screen-sharing and participating feel like second nature.

Where are the sessions held? Training is usually conducted in a dedicated room but it could also take place across a range of spaces. Different sizes and styles of rooms lend themselves to different kinds of learning technology, with single or multi-use options ranging from small huddle zones to larger, conference-style rooms.

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Benefits of technology in training rooms

Integrated technology encourages collaboration and makes it easy to connect between different locations virtually for business-wide training. Why schedule multiple training sessions across various offices when you can reach everyone at the same time regardless of where they’re based? With improved audio and visuals there’s no need to huddle around one laptop or figure out which voice is coming through a speaker. You can even avoid the hassle of muting and unmuting yourself every time you participate. Carefully selected technology promotes inclusivity and encourages equal contribution, fostering an open culture where all ideas, solutions and input is valued.

Penketh Group’s technology experts will prioritise comfort and create a flexible space packed with engaging solutions to encourage active learning. This includes interactive equipment which helps creativity flow through the room.

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Our office design showroom

Thinking of upgrading your learning spaces ? Visit our office technology showroom in Manchester to explore new ideas in training room technology and see how the Penketh Group team can transform your workspace.

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