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When it comes to interior design ideas for schools, universities, colleges, academies – or any other educational space or higher education facility – striking a balance between style and function is essential. These need to be safe, practical spaces which perform inclusively, but are also engaging and inspiring environments in which students want to learn and collaborate.

Experts in school & university interior design and refurbishment

Similarly to those within the professional workspace, school interior design and university refurbishment services have undergone a huge transformation over the past few years. Today, students and their teachers want more adaptable spaces which cater for a range of learning styles and teaching methods. Our team of experts stay ahead of these trends to better understand what users need from interior design schemes in education spaces to deliver working environments which empower and inspire, and furniture and technology which perform.

In 2019, Penketh Group joined the North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC) Furniture Framework Agreement (FFE3103 NW) – one of 6 regional higher education purchasing consortium in the country. The NWUPC aims to improve the procurement of furniture and goods for the institutions within its membership through forward-thinking, innovation, responsiveness, a user-focused strategy and equality. We are incredibly proud to be a part of this fantastic consortium, transforming spaces for universities across the North West and beyond.

Education interior design services in the North West

We understand that learning is not a linear process that looks the same for everybody. We also believe that learning isn’t just about the transfer of information, but also about human interaction, participation and collaboration. To create the optimum interior design scheme for a school, university or college fit out or refurbishment then, we must make it multi-functional and adaptable. As a North West Steelcase dealer, we have access to millions of pounds’ worth of annual research into the education sector, encompassing everything from cognitive neuroscience and behavioural studies through to ergonomics and product development.

Our interior designers, furniture experts and technology specialists use this research alongside a wealth of other resources and their own experiences within the industry to create spaces which supply demand. Providing both students and teachers with the reactive choice and control they now need means we are able to help evolve space-users from passive listeners who lack engagement into active participants who can move between group work and private focus more fluidly.

Furniture for schools, universities and colleges

Space-configuration, the language of colour and general aesthetic are all vital tools in fostering engagement and better learning but furniture and technology are vital components which must be carefully considered too. Use the button below to browse our vast curation of products, using the search box to navigate to what you are looking for. However, we do recommend speaking to an expert who will be able to talk you through various options including task seating, desks, collaboration settings, private focus resources, whiteboards, multi-user technology, storage and audio-visual solutions for conference rooms and lecture halls.

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