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Since an office atrium is typically a bright, airy, and spacious open plan area, it is often used to welcome guests and serve as focal point for portraying a company’s brand and culture. What is often one of the largest spaces in the office, the atrium boasts the ability to be one of the most flexible and versatile areas of the modern workplace, and is commonly a hub of activity for many bustling organisations. 

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While the traditional design concept for the office atrium has remained the same; as the demands of office design have continued to evolve, the office atrium has become a key component in supporting a more hybrid approach to work. What was once simply a space to greet, host and meet with guests has now become a social and communal space were teams can meet, collaborate, and chat on a more relaxed basis.  


How to plan an office atrium

When it comes to designing an office atrium, a great starting point is observing the natural light within the space, enhancing, and optimising this natural resource should always be a key consideration. While the office atrium presents the perfect opportunity to display company branding, the use of natural light, muted and earthy tones creates the chance to use the space as an extension of the surrounding outside environment.  

A carefully designed office atrium can provide additional collaborative and relaxed meeting zones and support hybrid workers who visit the office on a more flexible basis. By opting for flexible, modular furniture with integrated power that isn’t fixed to any given location, the spaces can become more fluid and accommodate various tasks or events. As with any large, open plan space, noise and echoes can be a real concern so considering furniture with acoustic credentials can help to maintain a calm and echo free space.  

Strategic design

Benefits of a well-designed office atrium

An office atrium really can be considered an extension of your available workspace. When designed strategically, the atrium space can become an agile area, supporting multiple teams and individuals to come together to collaborate and socialise on a more informal basis. We know that regularly breaking away from the structured desk environment positively impacts staff wellbeing, this combined with access to natural light can improve mood, productivity, and health.  


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Finishing touches

Office Atrium furniture

As a hybrid, agile, multipurpose space, the furniture and finishing touches for an atrium space are endless. Opting for conformable and reconfigurable options with integrated power and technology will create a timeless space that supports a magnitude of tasks.  

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