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Room and desk booking technology

As the demands upon our working day continue to increase and with how and where we work becoming more agile and flexible, our workspaces are now perceptibly required to host more hybrid teams. However, with a more flexible approach to work comes the difficulties associated with finding spaces to work and meet, so integrating a room or desk booking system can provide clarity and bring structure and efficiency through visible booking capabilities.

Room booking technology

We have all experienced first-hand the frustration that often comes with finding a place to meet with our colleagues, and just when we think we have secured a vacant space, you arrive to find the room is already occupied. With a room booking management system, employees can instantly view interactive floor plans and see which rooms are busy or available to book.

  • Book and reserve rooms in confidence and invite attendees from the interactive touchscreen
  • Track room usage and patterns so smart decisions can be made about future meeting spaces
  • Manage meeting spaces effectively and fairly
  • Works with a variety of scheduling software including Microsoft® Outlook® Google Calendar®
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Desk booking technology

Owned desk space is increasingly becoming a dated concept in many leading organisations. Instead, as hybrid and agile working practices grow in popularity, companies are increasingly looking towards hot desk systems to manage desk space for employees who come into the office on a more relaxed and flexible basis. Desk booking systems put users back in control

  • Desk booking software puts employees back in control and gives them the flexibility to select a workspace that’s best suited to their daily tasks or workload.
  • See which desks or spaces your colleagues have booked and hot desk nearby so you can collaborate more effectively
  • Office capacity is effectively managed, reducing the need for extra, redundant desks

Meeting screens and displays

In our hybrid working environments, sharing ideas, brainstorming, and connecting with remote and dispersed colleagues has never been more vital. Remove the frustration and challenges and instead collaborate with anyone, anywhere with integrated digital screens and displays. Whether meeting and sharing ideas in person, or virtually through the screen, everyone can come together seamlessly.

  • Hold your audience’s attention and present flawlessly without the need to switch between devices or screens
  • Run multiple apps and operating systems on the display
  • Bring teams and individuals together to meet, share and collaborate through a single solution
  • Compatible with Teams®, Zoom® and Google®
  • Reduce wasted time and increase productivity
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