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Until recently, business profit has been measured solely upon a bottom-line monetary figure, but we now realise that the profits a business makes socially, environmentally, and economically are equally as important for long term business stability and for creating a more sustainable future for us all. As a supplier, partner, and extended network of support to many leading organisations in the North-West, we whole heartedly believe that it is our responsibility to help our customers to operate in a more sustainable way.

Our approach

Our approach to sustainable procurement

At Penketh Group, we are committed to helping our customers make cost effective procurement decisions that consider what’s right for our planet and communities. We do this because we appreciate that for our partners, shopping around for the most environmentally friendly products can become time consuming, and convenience often prevails when times are busy. In the past, businesses have allowed the environmental and social impact of their purchases to slip under the radar because they’re focused solely on growing monetary profits.
As a supplier to many of the North-Wests leading businesses, we wholeheartedly believe that it’s our responsibility to ensure that our customers can make more informed, cost-effective, sustainable purchases, and we’re here to help.

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Our solution

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Here at Penketh Group, we identify the issues that are impacting the bottom line of your business. We recommend new ways of working; this ensures that you get the most from your people, space, and resources so that your objectives are achieved. For over 45 years, our workplace strategists have been working with businesses to identify hidden costs and timely, unproductive processes relating to their business supplies. Because of day-to-day pressures, many businesses simply don’t have the time to identify and resolve these issues, so they slip under the radar. Operating in a sustainable manor is no longer a business choice, it’s a fundamental movement and shift in behaviour but our unique solution can help.

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