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Digital signage and booking screens

Whether you’re looking to create the wow factor and impress your visitors with interactive screens that communicate brand messages more effectively or simply make wayfinding more seamless for your guests with fixed panel solutions, digital signage technology is the perfect addition to every atrium, communal or welcoming space.

Digital signage and messaging

Create the right fist impression by visually connecting and engaging with visitors and guests with the use of striking, dynamic messaging. Large, impressive digital signage has become a common commodity in many welcoming, communal, and social environments.

  • Gives control and consistency to branding and marketing communications
  • With each screen controlled through a single interface, announcements and updates can be communicated easily and efficiently
  • In busy spaces, digital signage and screens can give clear directions to support way finding and help the flow of footfall in busy spaces
  • You’re in control with a large choice of sizes and the option to position screens either portrait or landscape
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Interactive screens and signage

In larger, busier spaces that attract a lot of footfall, interactive digital signage technology is a useful tool for communicating and displaying brand messaging and interacting with visitors. It can remove the need for additional staff to manage the flow of visitor traffic and provide a more seamless and secure interaction.

  • Quickly enables visitors or staff to clearly see real-time updates around which spaces are busy or free to book
  • Improve visitor experience and save time with digital sign-in and security
  • The screen can be used in retail spaces or showrooms to demonstrate products to solutions
  • Capture real-time data to help and improve real estate reporting
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Digital wayfinding

Help your visitors and client reach the correct meeting or conference space easily with the introduction of digital fixed panel screens. The technology can be controlled and updated from a singular interface ensuring a fully flexible and agile solution that can be tailored to accommodate daily events, conferences, and meetings.

  • As well as giving details of meetings in progress, digital signage can show full details upcoming events so attendees can arrive promptly
  • Signage can be used to direct visitors around or away from busy and high traffic areas
  • Screen sizes are flexible and can sit in either a landscape or portrait position to suit the information presented
  • Flexible and easy to amend with compatible networking technology which gives the ability to update and control multiple screens at once
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