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Video conferencing

The way people work and collaborate has changed irreversibly. A global pandemic and the digital revolution have made hybrid working an everyday reality, and video conferencing is integral to this. Every organisation now needs the right digital facilities so that meetings can take place and support attendees both virtually and in person, seamlessly.

Video conferencing

Whether you’re looking for a video conferencing solution to connect hybrid teams working between the home and office, or you need the technology to allow meetings to take place with other offices around the country; a dedicated video conferencing room can allow meetings and collaboration to happen flawlessly, regardless of physical location.

  • High-quality, optimised screen and sound ensures that every detail is communicated and captured with ease
  • Smart frame technology keeps all participants visible with face and body detection
  • Wire-free technology enables users to turn up and plug-in without the need for complicated set up
  • With less requirements to travel, costs are significantly reduced, and time can be used more efficiently
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Zoom® and Teams® call rooms

As more people return to the office environment in a post pandemic world, a common complaint amongst workers is the lack of private spaces to make or take calls via Teams® or Zoom®. These once infrequent calls have become common practice across all workspaces. Leading organisations are recognising that dedicated spaces with the right integrated technology are paramount for supporting hybrid working.

  • Avoid interruptions and disturbances and provide improved levels of privacy
  • Acoustic pods can be added to open plan office which can accommodate wall mounted screens and cameras
  • With options including flexible meeting boards, the technology can be easily moved between spaces to accommodate individuals or small teams
  • Zoom® rooms can be used in conjunction with room booking technology
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Meeting room video calls

Adding a video conferencing solution to an existing meeting room has become common practice in many organisations. As businesses look to optimise their existing space to accommodate more agile and hybrid approaches to working, a video conference kit enables more seamless communications and interactions, regardless of physical location.

  • Wirelessly connect individuals and teams in a matter of seconds without the need to breakaway from an existing collaborative meeting
  • Video conferencing options can be integrated into open, semi-shielded or fully enclosed spaces
  • With one click, the room camera, speaker, and microphone all connect in tandem to provide a crisp, quality experience
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Collaborative and screen sharing conferencing

A collaborative video conferencing call rarely just consists of two or more people interacting through the screen, more often they are highly engaging and interactive meetings that require attendees to problem solve, brainstorm, and share ideas with colleagues. A collaborative screen sharing solution puts participants in control by enabling documents, presentations, and reports to be visually displayed on screen.

  • Turn your existing meeting rooms into hybrid spaces that encourage collaboration and drive engagement
  • Increase productivity and remove the need to share files outside of the meeting in progress
  • Connect wirelessly with simple plug in and share technology encouraging a BYOD approach
  • Interactive note pads and sticky notes allow users to collectively build ideas and create lists or notes
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