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Collaborative spaces and workshop technology

Why nurture a collaborative culture? Well, research indicates that there is a direct correlation between enhanced productivity and building success in any organisation. According to a study by furniture maker Steelcase, the top-performing companies spend 23% more time collaborating than their underachieving competitors. Technology can play a significant role in promoting collaboration, but there’s also a risk it can have the opposite effect. Employees find themselves isolated at their desks, emailing colleagues in the same room and failing to work together.

The solution is to integrate interactive technology into purpose-built collaborative spaces. Calling a vacant office corner a collaborative space isn’t enough. It may even be counterproductive. After all, 75% of employers say their current collaborative spaces aren’t helping them to be creative, according to Forrester’s The Creative Dividend report. At Penketh Group, we have the expertise and experience to create workspaces that coax people away from their desks and drive synergy. Let’s use smart design and interactive technology to make teamwork flourish.

How we integrate collaborative technology

The most supportive workspaces are those that are comfortable, inspiring and cater to the needs of workers with collaborative technology. Collaborative spaces that drive agile group work and encourage easy communication across teams are more successful when it comes to sparking co-creativity. When we begin to plan the technology for your collaborative and workshop spaces we’ll ask questions such as:

  • What technology do your teams currently use when they come together to collaborate?
  • Will the spaces be used for a range of tasks and support hybrid workers?
  • Will there be a requirement for wireless presentation technology?
  • Do individuals use laptops or desktop computers?
  • Do you currently have room and space booking technology integrated within your spaces?
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Benefits of collaborative technology

  • Integrated technology can connect different offices and locations for calls, meetings and training.
  • Presentations, meetings and pitches are more effective, inclusive and impressive, with everyone inspired to participate.
  • The right decisions are made faster with everyone “in the same room”, even when they’re on another continent.
  • Reduce wasted time and avoid the frustrations that occur as a result of outdated or poor performing equipment.
  • Talented team members are more fulfilled and less likely to leave their job. 88% of millennials would rather work in a collaborative environment than a competitive one, according to Mindspace.
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Our office technology showrooms

Ready to explore how integrated technology can drive collaboration in your workspaces? Arrange a visit to our Manchester showroom and try the latest innovations in workplace technology for yourself.

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