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Collaborative spaces and workshop technology

Why nurture a collaborative culture? Well, research indicates that there is a direct correlation between enhanced productivity and building success in any organisation. According to a study by furniture maker Steelcase, the top-performing companies spend 23% more time collaborating than their underachieving competitors. Technology can play a significant role in promoting collaboration, but there’s also a risk it can have the opposite effect. Employees find themselves isolated at their desks, emailing colleagues in the same room and failing to work together.

The solution is to integrate interactive technology into purpose-built collaborative spaces. Calling a vacant office corner a collaborative space isn’t enough. It may even be counterproductive. After all, 75% of employers say their current collaborative spaces aren’t helping them to be creative, according to Forrester’s The Creative Dividend report. At Penketh Group, we have the expertise and experience to create workspaces that coax people away from their desks and drive synergy. Let’s use smart design and interactive technology to make teamwork flourish.

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