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Private spaces and focus room design

Private and focus spaces provide the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy office, within an environment that’s free from noise and distractions. In a world where we are increasingly connected and contactable, private spaces that allow people the time and freedom to complete focused tasks, gather or process thoughts and ideas, or simply provide a quiet sanctuary, are becoming increasingly prevalent in modern organisations.

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Office workers needing access to private spaces isn’t a new phenomenon, with the rise in popularity of open plan workspaces, combined with more hybrid approaches to work, distractions naturally increased. With research highlighting that the average worker is interrupted every 11 minutes, access to spaces that facilitate focused work are no longer a luxury, but in fact, a key factor in employee engagement, productivity, and wellbeing.


How to plan private spaces and focus rooms

It’s useful to remember that privacy is multi-dimensional, this means that there are various factors at play when designing private and focus spaces within the workplace environment. There are four key fundamentals; how much we can see, how much we can be seen, how much we can hear, and how much we can be heard. These four considerations determine the level of privacy a space provides, and the types of work task its best suited towards.

A strategically designed workplace should provide a range of workplace settings that provide varying levels of privacy. These spaces should support and facilitate a range of tasks for individuals, pairs, and small teams. Not all private and focus spaces need to be fully enclosed. When planning private and focus spaces, it is important that the balance between working privately and working together is achieved so that people can still work collaboratively, without the risk of distractions. The addition of partitions, high backed seating or booths can also support focused group work, as well as fully enclosed acoustic pods designed for smaller groups.

Employee engagement

Benefits of well-designed private spaces and focus rooms

The most engaged workers have the autonomy and freedom to work how and where they choose, they have the control to select the most appropriate workplace setting according to their daily workload. When workers are given more choice and control, this fosters a culture of trust which improves productivity and drives employee engagement.

Regular distractions in the office can cause significant frustrations and stress, particularly when there is a need to complete more complex work that requires greater levels of concentration or focus. Access to spaces that support focus work ensures that when deadlines loom, or complex projects land, your people can access appropriate spaces. This flexible approach to office space, reduces stress levels, avoids increased absenteeism, and maintains employee wellbeing.


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