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Workplace training is fundamental across most organisations. From health and safety training to continuous professional development programmes, training is vital for upskilling your people and onboarding new recruits. Above all, training separates successful businesses from the rest. According to IBM, 84% of employees in the best-performing organisations said they receive the training they need.  

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Purpose-designed office training areas demonstrate your commitment to the career development of your team. It can also play a major role in attracting and retaining the best talent. With over 45 years of experience, Penketh Group are the office refurbishment specialist. By combining strategic design with innovative furniture and technology, we can help your business to create flexible office training spaces and educational zones  that inspire learning.


How to plan an office training space

What does your ideal training room design look like? As a communal setting used by all, training rooms are versatile spaces that range in size and purpose according to the needs of each business. 

Location is one of the key considerations when planning a modern training room. When a group gets together it can be noisy, so positioning the area away from quiet workspaces is advisable.  

Most modern-day training programmes encourage ‘active learning’ which promotes interaction and teamwork.  The training room layout needs to be adaptable with flexible fixtures such as screen sharing technology, flip top tables, plus modular furniture. Ergonomic seating helps everyone to maintain comfort and concentration through long training sessions. 

As well as how the space will be used, our space strategists will considerer lighting, noise, privacy,  wellbeing and technology access to create and maintain optimum training conditions, helping your people to focus and learn.

Community and development

The benefits of a well-designed office training area

Training is essential for every modern organisation, but sometimes people are reluctant to take part. Welcoming learning and training spaces can inspire enthusiastic participation, where people love to spend time. Your bespoke training area will also be the perfect advertisement for the organisation’s career development vision. 

Penketh Group’s designers will prioritise comfort, avoid distractions and create a flexible space, packed with engaging technology to encourage active learning. As a bonus, such an attractive training area can double as a meeting room or social space, helping to build a sense of community in the workplace. 


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Ready to explore the possibilities of office training areas? A visit to Penketh Group’s  insightful showroom in central Manchester is the ideal first step, come and explore new ideas over a drink and take in the views of the Manchester skyline 

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Office training spaces

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