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Audio Visual system integration

In the same way as designing a physical environment, AV programming and integration begins with a detailed assessment of your existing technologies. We begin by mapping out any current functionality and systems in tandem with your vision and objectives for the space. From here we can make recommendations for existing and new technologies and seamlessly integrate the entire solution into a singular interface.

Audio Visual programming services

With the advancement of audio-visual technology and capabilities that have flooded our work environments, many organisations are identifying a new requirement that allows for streamlined integration and pairing of multiple systems. AV System Integration brings together all the technology that relates to sound and display into one singular user-friendly interface to provide a more unified and cohesive approach.

  • Compatible with a range of facilitators including Creston, Extron, and AMEX
  • Integrates all displays, speakers, microphones, and projections ensuring all technology capabilities are explored, utilised, and programmed within the solution
  • Programming will be fully customised for your space giving a truly bespoke solution
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AV Systems Integration for spaces

AV Systems Integration is the process of programming all elements of AV and tech so that they can be controlled and managed from one singular piece of hardware – this will typically be a kiosk or a dashboard on a screen. A fully integrated AV programme gives greater control and flexibility throughout your office spaces, without the need for ongoing, regular human input or management.

  • Create an automated program that fully prepares a room or space for an upcoming meeting based on a room booking, activating the screens, speakers, and projectors
  • In bookable spaces, pre-set heating to an ambient temperature and have all lights switched on ready to go.
  • In an atrium or welcoming space, programme mood lighting, aircon, background music and digital signage to work together seamlessly
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AV Integration for presentation and events

Take your presentations and meetings to the next level and facilitate presentations that are flawless with a fully integrated AV solution. By combining all AV and presentation technologies together, presenters can switch between screens, dim lighting and even close the blinds, all with one touch of a button. An innovative audio-visual system guarantees your integrated technology performs for you and provides an exceptional user and audience experience.

  • Control lighting, sound, and all digital displays with one click technology
  • Activate comfort features such as aircon, lighting and window blinds
  • Wireless connectivity puts the presenter back in control while giving the freedom to move around the space
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AV programming services

Our customisable audio-visual programming services will connect all elements of your AV technologies, to create a truly bespoke solution. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey and looking for recommendations for digital solutions, or you’re looking for a systems integration expert to retrofit with existing tech capacities, configuration covers system workflows for:

  • Video conferencing systems
  • Audio visual technology including display, projection, and sound
  • Video walls
  • Digital signage
  • Desk and room booking systems
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