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Penketh Group's Approach

We believe people and the skills they bring are the most valuable asset for any organisation. That is why all our services and solutions are designed to create the perfect working environment; to give you greater choice and control, so you can remain fully engaged and do your best work. All our solutions are bespoke and tailored to each client – depending on your work styles, individual needs, business issues and future objectives.

Spaces for people

Your people, our priority

We take a user focused approach that looks at the needs of your people first – How you work, where you work, what you and your business needs.  We research to understand your people, their engagement levels and wellbeing. In order to achieve their full potential, we investigate how they need support in order to work together, share information and ideas as well as remaining focused on their individual work. We take time to understand your business and your workstyles. Observations and questionnaires are used to identify key business issues and the needs of individuals. Workshops can also be used to prioritise objectives and engage people in any change process.

Our solutions

Freedom to work

We apply our research findings to help you create a workplace that supports your organisation and enhances performance. Our services range from research, consultancy and workplace design and interiors to furniture and integrated technology. In addition, we work to understand your business processes; so we can help to improve day to day efficiencies, maximising resources and ultimately improving your business performance in the following areas;

Interiors and Fit Out




Investing in the future of the workplace

Our partnership with Steelcase gives us access to extensive secondary research findings from independent research bodies such as Gallup, Harvard, Ipsos and leading Universities. Steelcase continually invest heavily in research and development, and have partnered with leading organisations to conduct more detailed primary research into current workplace issues and trends. The latest being a study into ‘Engagement and the Global Workforce’.

Showroom showcase

Discover more in our office showroom

A visit to our showroom in central Manchester is the perfect way to experience innovative office furniture, smart design and innovative workspace solutions. Explore the latest ideas and distinctive designs. Preview tomorrow’s industry trends. Discover creative solutions to common workplace challenges.

Workplace trends happening now

We also conduct bespoke research with our customers as part of our consultancy service; in the form of observations, online questionnaires and workshops, helping us create design solutions that are bespoke to your organisation.

    Did you know?

    Our access to research findings from global workplace studies gives us insights into the latest workplace trends and issues that organisations are experiencing across the world.

    • 1/3 of workers in 17 of the worlds important economies are disengaged

    • 40% of productivity loss is due to cognitive overload

    • 66% decrease in productivity due to constant noise in the workplace

    • 11 mins for interruptions. When we try and work on a project, we get interrupted everything 11 mins (on average).

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