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Penketh Group achieves The Planet Mark certification

Having an environmental conscience and taking action on it is a crucial part of any modern company culture. Not only is it becoming more of a necessity than a luxury as the state of the planet continues to decline, it’s also an effective way to improve the bottom line, as well as attract and retain the best of today’s eco-savvy workforce.

As part of our 2020 grand plan, we’re going to be focusing a lot more on our sustainability practice and what more we could be doing to help reduce our impact on the environment. It’s something we’ve naturally always been aware of but this year and going forward, it’s something we’re going to be investing more time, money and expertise into than ever before.

It’s time to make some serious moves towards sustainability

More on that as the year develops though when we’ll have lots goals, objectives and updates to share with you but first, let’s kickstart proceedings by telling you all about The Planet Mark

Penketh Group joins The Planet Mark to support 2020 sustainability policy

Penketh Group joins the The Planet Mark

The Planet Mark is a sustainability certification recognising outstanding achievements and encouraging action among an empowered community of likeminded people (and businesses) who all want to make a difference too.

This month, we’re pleased to have achieved our very first certification and super excited to be joining other ‘holders of The Planet Mark’, including the likes of SP Energy Networks, Global Outdoor and Eden Project.

“We are thrilled that Penketh Group has achieved its first year’s certification to The Planet Mark and in doing so, committed to operating in such a way to reduce their carbon emissions. We are enduring an insatiable demand for building materials and sustainable design is one way we can severely reduce our environmental impact. Penketh Group’s commitment to reducing its carbon emissions in its operations and minimising its environmental impacts is to be applauded. We are thrilled to award them The Planet Mark for the first time.”

 Malkin, CEO & Founder of The Planet Mark

Penketh Group joins The Planet Mark to support 2020 sustainability policy

Maintaining and developing the accreditation means we’ll be subject to things like an annual Carbon Reporting Period and meticulous scrutiny of the emissions associated with our business operations. Every year, our new carbon footprint will be recorded to form the baseline for our activity going forward for the next twelve months to ensure constant improvement.

So, from something as small as the toilet paper we use in our offices, our recycled packaging and the vessels which our staff drink their water out of, to our whole supply chain and logistics model, we’ll be making changes to become a more eco-friendly, low-emission, sustainable business.

It’s not an easy thing to do for companies within our industry but it’s a challenge we are going to be taking by the horns.

“We’re absolutely chuffed to have our first The Planet Mark certification! Sustainability and reducing the impact we have on the planet as a business is something we’re going to be working on harder than ever before in 2020 and beyond so it’s great to have these guys supporting us along the way. Myself and the team are really excited for what’s to come.”

Mark Penketh, Managing Director of Penketh Group

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