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Reception area technology

First impressions count in business, and with the office  reception area typically being the space that’s used to welcome guests and visitors each day, it is often one of the first spots that businesses look to when updating their corporate technology. . Outdated booking and entry systems, manual signage, and uninviting furniture, doesn’t all make for an impressive and inviting space, so why not transform your reception area into an attractive environment  that communicates your brand, culture and vision?

At Penketh Group,  our expert design team is here to elevate your space with tech-enabled reception areas that leave a lasting impression on your guests and people. From enticing digital signage to room scheduling displays, we’ll work together to design an inviting welcome space.

How to plan reception area technology

Receptions are no longer just waiting areas for visitors. Advanced technology solutions allow businesses to optimise their space, turning welcome areas into communal hubs, sources of key information, and even an alternative workspace for teams.

To elevate a reception area, businesses must first set their mission, vision, and goals. Our Penketh Group design team works with you to understand how your business works, exploring your culture and objectives to create a bespoke design that aligns. We’ll ask questions such as:

  • Which technology components will be most helpful in welcoming employees and guests?
  • How is technology currently utilised in the space?
  • Have you considered AV programming and system integration to maximise the capabilities of the area?
  • How do you want to highlight your brand, values, and culture?
  • Do you have a receptionist? Or would you like to use booking/checking-in technology?
  • Would you like the reception area to be utilised by teams as an additional hybrid workspace?
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Benefits of technology for reception areas

A reception area is the first thing people see when they enter your office space. Yet, many businesses overlook the importance of technology as key tool for welcoming visitors within this area.

Strategically incorporating technology throughout your welcoming space helps create a professional and engaging environment for employees and guests, one that also supports hybrid work, collaboration, and social interactions outside of the structured office setting.

Interactive displays can allow businesses to communicate their brand and values more clearly, using personalised colour palettes and logos to welcome people into the workplace. Use advanced technology to greet clients, check them in, and improve wayfinding around your building, streamlining processes while providing an experience they’ll remember.

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Our office technology showroom

Are you looking to improve the technology in your reception space? Visit our office design and technology showroom in Manchester to see how Penketh Group’s team can transform your space into a tech-driven, collaborative hub.

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