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The most attractive and productive workspaces are those that offer diversity. As well as a range of talented people, they contain a variety of different spaces. It takes the ideal blend of quiet and vibrant, private and collaborative, relaxing and inspiring, functional and fun settings to maximise an offices potential. 

Our workspace design approach

At Penketh Group we are experts in creating workspaces people love. Our user centric approach to workplace design and build always starts with listening. We believe your people and the skills they bring are your organisation’s most valuable asset. So, we take the time to understand their needs how they operate, before creating flexible, productive, and truly distinctive workspaces.

The spaces within your workplace

An office is much more than just a collection of work stations. Each setting within your workspace must do its own unique job superblyand play a key part of a greater office eco system. 

  • A once traditional and formal space has now become a collaborative, engaging and creative place in many offices

    Boardrooms Find out more
  • Create the right first impression by ensuring your welcoming space is inviting and communicates your brand and culture while being stylish

    Reception Find out more
  • Designed strategically, this rejuvenation space will be a hub of social activity, casual communication, and impromptu meetings –

    Canteen & kitchen Find out more
  • Meetings and presentations demand the right balance of furniture and technology to enable creative thinking, problem solving and great communication.

    Meeting & conference Find out more
  • Facilitating co-creativity, agile group work and communication between different teams and individuals, making collaboration feel natural.

    Collaborative Find out more
  • Spaces to encourage social interaction, rejuvenation and freedom of movement which foster a more dynamic and productive working environment

    Social areas Find out more
  • Blending collaborative furniture and technology to maintain engagement and encourage participation within a space conducive to refreshing and learning new skills.

    Training Find out more
  • Interruptions and distractions are a challenge against concentration and engagement so spaces to think clearly or communicate privately are essential.

    Private & focus Find out more
  • Versatile spaces where technology allows remote and on-premises workers to come together to share ideas and collaborate.

    Hybrid Technology Find out more
  • Give more choice and control and encourage people to break away from their desk, to rejuvenate or work and collaborate more casually.

    Breakout Find out more
  • Flood your workspace with airiness and natural light, the addition of soft furniture can provide extra break out and informal settings.

    Atrium Find out more
  • Individual desks and workstations need to empower independent and collaborative work, while providing comfort and optimum levels of support

    Individual spaces Find out more

The benefits of bespoke workspace design

As workplace interior specialists and space strategists, we take a user focused approach to create settings that are built around the needs of your people, and how they work.  

  • Smart, integrated design optimises your space while combining style and functionality.  
  • The use of versatile, hybrid and multi-purpose spaces encourage creative collaboration, as well as the potential for focused work and private conversations.  
  • A strategically designed space will work in harmony with your brand and provide choice and control over where are how people work, foster an environment that encourages trust and nurtures wellbeing.

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A visit to our showroom in central Manchester is the perfect way to experience innovative office furniture, smart design and innovative workspace solutions. Explore the latest ideas and distinctive designs. Preview tomorrow’s industry trends. Discover creative solutions to common workplace challenges.

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