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The concept of traditional care homes is on the move. No longer are they dull, outdated spaces with uninspiring design prioritising function over style. Even the name ‘care home’ is being abandoned in favour of ‘extra care’, demonstrating the shift and modernisation within the sector. Interior design in the industry in undergoing a significant transformation too.

Experts in Extra Care interior design & space planning

Unlike the care homes that have been commonplace for so long, extra care facilities are more of a residential choice. The kinds of places people choose to go to meet a whole spectrum of diverse demands, not just somewhere they are forced to go out of sheer necessity or function. The sector provides modern, age-friendly living solutions which still provide things like 24-hour care, alarmed security and communal facilities but with additional lifestyle features such as gyms, restaurants and even co-working spaces.

Extra Care facilities might predominantly still be self-contained properties with a staff office and gated entrances but they deliver a certain level of independence and autonomy that the traditional care home or residential living facility doesn’t. With this comes diversity in design – an engagement with current trends, technology, style-led fabrics and finishes, curated colour palettes and furniture which looks contemporary, welcoming and comfortable. Think more plush soft seating than wipe-clean plastics, and a consideration for the layout of the space which marries mobility, diversity, physical and mental health demands and aesthetic.

How social spaces foster a better sense of community

Naturally, any Extra Care housing refurbishment or interior design project needs to take into consideration the needs of its user, whether this is somebody with a physical disability or dementia, for example. These requirements will influence design decisions such as configuration, colours, textures, furniture functionality and navigation of the space. However, the Extra Care facilities of today need to marry this with more current needs such as human connection and a sense of community.

One of the most effective ways to foster a community environment is to take advantage of the benefits of social spaces. In much the same way they do in the modern workspace, well-designed social spaces and communal areas have the ability to strengthen relationships, improve communication and nurture a much better sense of mental wellbeing. Our experienced designers and furniture experts have the tools you need to make sure there is cohesion between all of these elements.

  • 1/4 of people aged 65 or over say that they experience feelings of loneliness either sometimes or often (Longitudinal Study of Ageing)

  • 12 million people aged 65 or over are currently living in the UK (Age UK)

  • 18% of the UK population is people over the age of 65 and this is expected to rise to nearly 25% by 2050 (Age UK)

  • 3/4 of older people think having more opportunities to connect with other people is the best way to improve mental health problems (Age UK)

Furniture for Extra Care facilities

Here at Penketh Group, we provide our customers with access to the latest designs and development in modern-day furniture for a range of settings, including Extra Care facilities and residential settings. Click the button below to browse our curation of structured and soft seating, sofas, tables, coffee tables and stools for those who are looking to strike the balance between style and comfort. Simply use the search box to navigate to the products you are looking for, from a range of manufacturers.

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