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Office Breakout Areas

Breakout areas would once have been dismissed as an unproductive use of office space by some old-school business owners, but today‘s forward-thinking organisations know better.

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They understand that breakout zones are essential for maximising productivity, boosting morale and managing stress. Professionals work at their best when access to flexible spaces that promote time away from desks and screens are readily available. What’s more, we know that most collaboration happens on an informal, unstructured basis, and breakout spaces let those impromptu creative moments happen when casual conversation generates insight and innovation.


The importance of a dynamic workspace

According to workspace provider Mindspace, 96% of the most highly engaged employees prefer to move around at will. As working hours increase and the hybrid model leads the way, your people expect more freedom and flexibility from their workplace making breakout spaces integral to any modern office. As workplace experts, we’ll create dynamic breakout zones, ensuring your workspace is an attractive destination of choice for your talented people.


How to plan an office breakout area

Our approach to office breakout space design always begins with listening and understanding your objectives and vison. We aim to create a flexible, inclusive, user-focused, high-performance space that facilitates everyone regardless of personality, job title or physical ability We’ll make sure your new or refurbished workspace reflects your brand, enhances your business, and works the way your people work.  

In breakout areas, we recommend modular, adaptable furniture, to allow the same space to be used for different situations – from an oasis of quiet for focused working to a vibrant venue for social gatherings. It’s also the perfect place within the office to experiment with exciting colours, intriguing textures and the latest interior design trends. Explore the possibilities in our blog on the top 10 breakout area ideas. 

Strategic design

The benefits of a well-designed office breakout area

Have a break and you’ll come back refreshed. Take a problem into a new environment and you’ll see it differently. Those are the principles that make office breakout areas so valuable when it comes to promoting creativity and productivity.  

Like other workplace social and collaborative areas, breakout zones also boost physical and mental wellbeing. Team members thrive with time away from cluttered desks and flashing screens. And they enjoy opportunities to socialise, be creative and build a sense of community.


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 Ready to explore the possibilities of office breakout areas? A visit to Penketh Group’s insightful showroom in central Manchester is the ideal first step.  

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