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Our pledge to the planet

In our well-connected world, having such a wealth of manufacturers, brands and products at our fingertips is both a blessing and a curse. While it facilitates innovative, ahead-of-the-curve design schemes, it inevitably means more complex supply chains and more carbon emissions. Sustainability is a key focus for our business and as a supplier and trusted partner to many organisations throughout the North-West, we wholeheartedly believe that it’s our responsibility to operate in a sustainable and ethical manner to reduce our environmental impact.


We’re Planet Mark Certified

Planet Mark is a sustainability certification recognising outstanding achievements and encouraging action among an empowered community of likeminded people (and businesses) who all want to make a difference too.

Planet Mark certification is a recognised symbol of sustainability progress. It demonstrates a business’ commitment to measuring and reducing their carbon emissions, ultimately contributing to their environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria but also it validates to our stakeholders, including customers and investors, that our company is having a positive impact on the planet.


Committed to a sustainable future

We’re both thrilled and proud to have achieved our very first certification in 2020, an achievement that has continued through to 2021 and 2022. We’re also excited to have joined alongside other holders of ‘Planet Mark’, including leading organisations such as SP Energy Networks, Global Outdoor and Eden Project.

Maintaining and developing the accreditation means that we’ll be subjected to things like an annual Carbon Reporting Period and meticulous scrutiny of the emissions associated with our business operations. Every year, our new carbon footprint will be recorded to form the baseline for our activity over the next twelve months to ensure constant improvement.

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Our Partnership with B&M waste services means we send zero waste to landfill

We believe that it’s our responsibility to operate in a sustainable and ethical manner to reduce our environmental impact. We have partnered with B&M Waste Management, an innovative, carbon neutral company that offers a recycle and re-use approach and ensures that minimal waste is sent to landfill.

  • 100% Waste diverted from landfill

  • 64% of our waste has been recycled

  • 36% of our waste sent to Refused Fuel power plant 

  • 0% waste 

We’re on a sustainability mission

We are on mission to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 and are activity looking at initiatives that will make this possible. We know that there are environmental and social activities that we can begin right away, that will help us on our sustainability journey, so in 2022 we pledge too…

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