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Workplace Design & Office Furniture

Our service is bespoke and personal to you and your organisation. We learn all about your business and your people, so our in-house team of experts can design and create a workspace that reflects your culture, increases employee wellbeing and engagement and ultimately improves productivity.


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Gone are the days of working from the office – 9am to 5pm and meetings only happening in boardrooms. The mobile, flexible and collaborative way we work today requires a range of spaces that have been designed for the task being performed. Browse our workspaces below;

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We take a user focused approach that looks at the needs of your people first – how you work, where you work, what you and your business needs. We apply our findings to create a bespoke solution that supports your organisation and enhances performance.

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Our Showrooms

Come and enjoy a coffee with us, at our Manchester or Wirral based ‘WorkLife’ showrooms.  Explore new ideas in our innovation areas, and experience seamless integrated technology in our collaborative spaces, as well as our quiet and focused zones.

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Our Interiors

If you are refurbishing your existing space or you’re moving to new premises, we can provide a complete interiors service, all under one roof – encompassing; research & consultancy, design, furnishings, fittings and decoration.

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How we Research

Our research provides a wealth of knowledge and global research findings that give insights into specific workplace issues and trends from independent research bodies.  Taking these valuable findings, we demonstrate how leading organisations have implemented workplace designs to address specific organisational issues.

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