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Interactive boards

Say goodbye to dull meetings and open the door to a new dynamic approach to sharing ideas. Interactive whiteboards enable individuals to contribute and expand upon ideas, encourage participation and collaboration, and become a focal piece of engaging technology which drives endless opportunities and possibilities.

Meeting screens and displays

In our hybrid working environments, sharing ideas, brainstorming, and connecting with remote and dispersed colleagues has never been more vital. Remove the frustration and challenges and instead collaborate with anyone, anywhere with integrated digital screens and displays, whether meeting and sharing ideas in person, or virtually through the screen, everyone can work together.

  • Run multiple apps and operating systems on the display
  • Bring teams and individuals together to meet, share and collaborate through a single solution
  • Compatible with Teams®, Zoom® and Google®
  • Reduce wasted time and increase productivity
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Interactive whiteboards

An indoor LED display wall is a popular choice when companies are looking to engage with their audience and increase visible reach and impact over competitors. An LED wall allows for the creation of large indoor displays that will set the tone in any environment and are an effective way to communicate brand messages, special offers or information news updates.

  • Ultra-bright display gives maximum impact, even in bright locations and under direct sunlight
  • Streamlined functionality allows easy upload, transmission, and content management
  • Seamless, bevel free technology gives uninterrupted image and content sharing
  • Fully customisable and scalable system provide solutions regardless of space parameters
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Interactive presentation screens

Holding your audience’s attention can be a hard task, especially if there is lots of information to be shared. Interactive presentation screens support clear communication, with seamless transitions through various documents, apps, and browsers and present succinctly without the need to switch between devices or screens.

  • Drive engagement and encourage audience involvement and participation in training sessions and presentations
  • Wireless technology means information can be shared from anywhere in the room, giving the presenter the freedom to walk around and interact more effectively with the audience
  • Interactive notepads can be used to annotate or recap on key points
  • Focus on what’s important, zoom in, crop and search easily from a single screen
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Smart boards

When a collaborative session requires teams to get together face to face to share ideas or find resolution to problems, a smart board is a great flexible option that can enhance productivity and improve engagement. By encouraging individuals to equally contribute and develop ideas without any restrictions, decisions can be reached quickly and seamlessly.

  • Collaborate easily with walk up and touch ink experiences, compatible with browsers, files, and applications
  • Video conferencing calls can happen easily with Microsoft Teams®, Zoom® and Google Meet® compatibility
  • Teams can collaborate across devices, offices, and time zones, allowing work to happen anytime, anywhere
  • Improve learning and training experiences and make sessions more interactive and engaging.
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