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Eco-friendly office design ideas

Alongside boosting collaboration, facilitating more agile ways of working and improving wellbeing in the workplace, making sure day-to-day business operations are having limited damage on the environment is a top priority of modern life. This all starts with office design and providing the right products, services and facilities to create an eco-friendly workspace…

Assess and reuse – As part of our furniture and fit out service, we can offer customers the chance for our experts to visit their existing space and run an analysis on what products could be reused.

This applies whether the project is a furniture refresh, an office relocation or a full refurbishment and helps cut costs as well as drastically reduce the wastage of products that might otherwise end up in landfill.

Dual screens – ‘Going paperless’ is one of the most popular buzz phrases around modern working life but limiting the amount of paper we use really is a great way to make a workspace more environmentally responsible.

Using dual screens is a great way to reduce the need for print outs as staff can access more information digitally via their workstation. Many office desks now accommodate the attachment of monitor arms to support the use of multiple screens.

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Managed Print Solution – Another effective way to reduce the amount of paper a business uses is by introducing a Managed Print Solution. As part of our sister brand, Datatech Systems, we offer a sustainable way to use paper, manage documents and lower energy consumption through MPS.

Provide easy access to recycling facilities – For the paper that is used, make sure recycling facilities are readily available so staff can dispose of it responsibly. Use colour coded bins to aid the recycling of various other materials including plastic and aluminium too.

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Take advantage of natural light – As well as minimising paper usage, we also recommend taking measures to reduce use of artificial light if you’re looking for ways to make your office more eco-friendly.

Ensuring blinds are up during the day and that the configuration of your workspace has been strategically designed to avoid blocking windows is the best way to take advantage of natural light and reduce consumption of electricity during daylight hours.

Biophilic design elements Biophilic office design isn’t just beneficial for physical and mental wellbeing of staff – the inclusion of live plants within the workspace also helps to reduce carbon emissions and nurture the environment simultaneously.

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Sustainable fabrics and materials – If you’re in the process of updating your office furniture, flooring, packing or even staff uniforms, consider opting for sustainable or recycled fabrics and materials.

Pick an eco-conscious fit out expert – The benefits of partnering with an office fit out specialist are endless, including their ability to ensure that any products you’re using (such as lighting, electrics and insulation) are all eco-friendly.

They will also be able to provide you with things like solar panels or motion sensors depending on requirement and/or the scale of your office design project.

Eco-friendly office design ideas

Check your partners’ environmental policies – As well as taking advantage of the expertise of a fit out specialist, we also recommend working with a professional interior designer who should have an environmental and/or social responsibility policy in place to ensure your design project remains ‘green’.

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