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What is resimercial office design?

You might remember from our Clerkenwell Design Week trend report that we’ve got a close eye on the ‘resimercial’-style workspace design that is becoming increasingly popular. The term itself comes from combining the words ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’ to create a new industry buzzword that denotes an amalgamation of home comforts and functional office design.

You can introduce resimercial elements into your workspace through using more soft seating solutions, indoor plants and other biophilic elements, warmer lighting and framed wall décor. Opting for a more domestic colour palette is another effective way of making the space more inviting and inline with modern commercial interior trends.

Resimercial office design is a combination of elements from both commercial and residential interior design

Why choose a resimercial office design scheme?

If you look beneath the obvious aesthetic advantages of resimercial design, there are actually multiple benefits of opting for a more relaxed workspace design scheme with elements of home décor…

Happiness and mental wellbeing – It is a great way to relax staff and make them feel more comfortable in their working environment. This will generate a workforce that is happier, healthier and more willing to participate in collaborative work and social interaction.


Creates a neutral ground for communication – Including resimercial elements in places like the WorkCafe, social spaces and breakout areas will create a safe space where employees can communicate on more neutral ground, without feeling intimidated by more formal settings and a professional hierarchy.

Attracting and training new talent – As we mentioned in our blog post about what millennials are looking in an office, today’s generation of young talent are attracted to companies who can offer integration between their professional and private lives. Incorporating softer design elements will blur the lines between work and home and create what we call a ‘third space’ where staff can operate on a more casual and laid-back basis when necessary.

Some of our favourite resimercial inspired products:

Under the Bell – The Under the Bell lighting range enables you to swap traditional harsh office lighting for a softer, more design-led solution. This light fitting uses recycled plastic felt to create its innovative acoustic shade. (Pictured below)

Resimercial design

Wire Lamp – Incorporating a pendant light bulb, CNC-wire vase and stylish bowl accessories, this product strikes an ideal balance between home décor and contemporary office design.

Hosu – When the time comes for a bit of peace and quiet, the Hosu lounge chair with coordinating footrest is the perfect solution. Designed with personal space in mind, this one is all about finding comfort in the workplace.

Resimercial design

Love Chair and Sofa – This fully upholstered lounge chair and sofa would be the perfect nod to domestic design within your social space or breakout area. The ideal soft seating solution for rejuvenation periods or casual communication. (Pictured above)

Riley – Combine relaxation and convenience with practical usability with this solid oak side table that slides perfectly over sofa or chair arms for more relaxed work modes and postures.

Turn Table – With its steel frame that has been twisted at 45 degrees, the Turn Table is a unique take on the coffee table which wouldn’t look out of place in a living room or workplace reception area. (Pictured below)

Resimercial design

Once you’ve got your furniture in place, it’s time to start thinking about your finishing touches. As is the same with domestic design in the living space, a resimercial workspace is made unique with personalised accents that make it yours. From ornaments and prints, to rugs and cushions, this trend is really all about making the workspace feel like a home from home.

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