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Lighting in the workplace can have a powerful influence; from statement lighting that compliments the interior design, to helping divide and zone spaces, to improving acoustic performance (see Under the Bell light) and most importantly, improve concentration and performance.


A striking design that incorporates high performance with minimalist functionality, resulting in an ultra thin profile than gives a wide footprint of glare-free light.  New thin film LED technology provides ergonomic lighting with easy adjustability.

  • Built-in dimmer switches and sensors automatically switch the light off not in use
  • Our eyes need as much as 20 times more light when reading paper based documents
  • Accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 2011

Wire Lamp

The Wire Lamp by Deadgood Studio combines traditional styling with a modern and fun twist.  The range is made using CNC-wire bending techniques, and is available in standard and bespoke finishes.  The range includes a pendant light, a wire vase and bowl accessories.

  • Elegant designs based on traditional styling
  • A complementary range of accessories
  • Range of standard and bespoke finishes

Raw Spun Light

The simple pendant lights have been manufactured from spun aluminium and purposefully unfinished to show the natural imperfections that occur during the production process. The statement light gives a warm glow from the semi spherical shape.

  • Available in small, medium and large
  • A variety of finish and cable options
  • Supplied with braided flex, lamp holder and an energy efficient compact fluorescent bulb

Under the Bell

Made from recycled plastic felt; Under the Bell is a large lamp that helps to define a space within the room.  It is a light with a difference…its acoustic properties create a sense of shelter and space division.  It’s been designed to hang over the centre of the table to physically and psychologically create a ‘room within a room’.

  • Define spaces within a room
  • Improve acoustical privacy
  • Designed by Iskos-Berlin
  • Upcycled from 100% recyclable PET fibre (mostly made from plastic bottles)
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