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How to improve communication in a large office

Everybody knows that strong communication is the key to workplace success. Poor communication will inevitably lead to staff disengagement, poor performance and will have a negative impact on the bottom line of business. According to research carried out by ClearCompany, businesses with effective communication are 50% more likely to have a lower employee turnover. Furthermore, 96% of executive level employees surveyed by Salesforce cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as the reason for workplace failures.

Bearing both of these statistics in mind and with Penketh Group’s mantra being to facilitate better ways of working through workspace design, we wanted to offer you our advice on the best ways to improve communication in a large office.

Make agile working and impromptu meetings the norm

Including something like Ballo in your next furniture fit out project is a great way to facilitate short-term sitting, spontaneous collaboration sessions and impromptu desk meetings. Its ergonomic design allows for ultimate flexibility so staff no longer have to be anchored down to a dedicated desk or tied to a specific meeting room.

The best ways to improve communication in a large office

Accommodating this freedom of movement and agile working style will encourage employees to communicate with colleagues across the room face-to-face rather than simply sending an email or picking up the phone. Encouraging this active interaction and face -to-face communication around the workplace will only benefit the creativity and output of a workforce.

Take advantage of office technology

These days, there is a whole host of technologically advanced products and concepts which have been designed specifically with improved collaboration and productivity in mind. When it comes to workplace technology and communication, the most exciting advantages are often found in meeting spaces or within modern conference room design.

We actually have a great range of AV and tech products available here at Penketh Group and these are a few of the ones we recommend when a client comes to us looking to improve communication in a large workspace.


Incorporating something like Clickshare into your workspace design scheme makes for a more flexible and time-savvy collaboration space. With no complicated software required or a spaghetti junction of cables, Clickshare enables multiple users to share their screens – regardless of devise type – and discuss ideas in a more transparent, synergetic manner.

The best ways to improve communication in a large office

Video conferencing

Installing video conferencing technology into your workspace isn’t just a great way to keep in touch with clients and customers from around the world, it’s also the perfect means of connecting mobile employees with resident workers.

Digital signage

When you come in to an inbox full of emails that seems to refill just as fast as you can clear it, it can be easy to miss internal messages. Digital signage is more visual and engaging method of information-sharing and enables you to express news, brand values, targets and achievements in a more dynamic and refreshing way.

The best ways to improve communication in a large office

Stimulate socialising and collaboration in the workplace

We recently shared our thoughts on how social spaces improve creativity in the workplace which is closely related to the development of communication within a large office. No matter what the size of the setting, social spaces are a highly effective way of getting employees to bond and collaborate in a more relaxed environment where professional hierarchies don’t pose any threat.

Social spaces and casual collaboration are also a great way to combat pressure and stress in the workplace. Giving staff somewhere to relax, unwind or work more casually will boost mental wellbeing and a positive state of mind. Nurturing a workforce who are relaxed in the work setting and happy to be there will influence strong communication lines positively. Providing these spaces will also make it easy for groups to convene, especially in a sizeable workspace.

The best ways to improve communication in a large office

Know your ABCs of acoustics

The suggestions above encompass some of the best ways to improve communication in a large office and encourage employees to speak up more but what about when you need a little bit of hush? Developing communication lines between both teams and individual staff members isn’t all about making more noise – sometimes it’s about providing peace and quiet for focused work and concentration.

Once you’re done here, make it your mission to become better acquainted with the ABCs of office acoustics to make sure your staff have the space they need to communicate with low levels of excess noise and adequate privacy.

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