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Meet & Collaborate

Enhance collaboration by equipping meeting spaces with collaborative technology. There are a whole host of products available which allow for multiple users to present their work to a group and interact from one screen. Working in this way helps to promote teamwork and is an efficient way to conduct meetings.

Video Conferencing

In the conference room, the Lifesize® Phone™ HD brings all of the essential conferencing functions right to the intuitive touchscreen interface. Share your screen, launch calls, add users from the integrated directory and control the video pan/tilt/zoom right from the phone. It’s a meeting experience like no other.

  • 1080p Video Conferencing
  • Large, acoustically suspended speaker enclosure
  •  Multi-touch display
  • Upto 12 people


Reserva is an interactive room sign, meeting room booking system that solves the dilemma and frustrations that often come with booking rooms and connecting workers to meeting spaces. Through the use of smarter space management, employees can instantly see which rooms are free or busy, and can place meeting times more effectively.

  • Book and reserve rooms in confidence from the interactive touchscreen
  • Track room usage and patterns so smart decisions can be made about future meeting spaces
  • Manage meeting spaces effectively and fairly
  • Works with a variety of scheduling software including Microsoft® Outlook®, Google Calendar®


media:scape® integrates furniture and technology; giving workers the space and tools needed to enhance their productivity, collaborate effectively and produce their best work. media:scape enables information, regardless of format, to be shared quickly and effectively between teams. As workers continue to become more mobile, media:scapes PUCK technology means sharing information is as easy as opening up a laptop, attaching one cable and pressing the PUCK to instantly share and view content effortlessly.

  • Allows multiple users to connect and share information quickly and easily
  • Multiple configuration, desk and seating options
  • Provides a technology supported space for both collaborative work and training
  • Gives every user the ability to participate


SMART interactive displays are ideal for brainstorming, screen sharing wirelessly or even for accessing the embedded web browser – all from the start screen. A great tool for collaborative work and keeping workers/students engaged whilst creating innovative solutions.

  • Touch. Swipe. Pinch. Control the display with your hands
  • Save and organize notes on your devices. Send as PDFs or JPEGs.
  • Connect a guest PC or other multimedia devices to the display.
  • NUC – New unit of computing readily installed

Touch Screens

The one-stop display solution for picture-perfect 4K presentation, seamless communication and real-time collaboration. Ideal for meeting and collaboration spaces the touch screen is a great tool to display information and navigate through like a tablet on a bigger scale, stimulating group discussions and achieve interactive meetings.

  • NUC – New unit of computing readily installed
  • Access diverse files such as MS Office files and images
  • Tap and create notes using your hand or stylus provided in a range of colours
  • Multi-platform compatibility allowing workers to present from any device
  • Integrated speakers
  • Total Eye-Care Solution – Flicker free, low blue light and anti-glare
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