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Click, share & Collaborate

The best ideas come from teams that can share their ideas freely and easily. Our collaborative solutions ensure that time isn’t wasted while trying to connect complicated technology, giving your people more time to do their best work.


Media:scape® integrates furniture and technology; giving workers the space and tools needed to enhance their productivity, collaborate effectively and produce their best work. media:scape enables information, regardless of format, to be shared quickly and effectively between teams. As workers continue to become more mobile, media:scapes PUCK technology means sharing information is as easy as opening up a laptop, attaching one cable and pressing the PUCK to instantly share and view content effortlessly.

  • Allows multiple users to connect and share information quickly and easily
  • Multiple configuration, desk and seating options
  • Provides a technology supported space for both collaborative work and training
  • Gives every user the ability to participate

Media:scape Mini

media:scape mini media solution is designed to help people connect and share ideas wherever collaboration occurs. The solution adapts itself to any desk meaning it can be easily transported wherever needed ensuring greater collaboration and increase productivity.

  • media:scape mini extends the media:scape experience into small and existing spaces
  • Bring themedia:scape experience to small enclaves, private offices, and open plan team spaces by simply placing media:scape mini on virtually any surface.
  • With the 4 PUCKs in the media well, everyone at the table has equal access to share critical information.
  • Plug media:scape mini into a standard power outlet to bring power to the monitor and the 4 power outlets inside the media well

Media:scape Mobile

Media:scape mobile is a new addition to the media:scape family, its portable nature  means you can take the technology anywhere in your organisation. Easily bring media:scape mobile into a range of settings, from meeting rooms and open spaces,  to a diverse range of settings, it’s perfect and always ready for whenever and wherever collaboration may occur.

  • Optimised for small teams of 2-4 to collaborate
  • No cables to pass, remotes to lose, or software to install.
  • Distributed teams can be connected by integrating with HD videoconferencing.
  • With the 4 PUCKs in the media well, everyone at the table has equal access to share information.
  • Height adjustability supports various postures and settings between sitting and standing height.


Plug into collaboration, reliability and flexibility. Click Share technology encourages employees to work together, fostering ideas and contributing to something great. Information sharing is stepped up a gear as users are given the tools they need to work more effectively with their colleagues. Projects grow quickly as no time is wasted trying to connect devices to complicated cables and screens, regardless of devise type; from laptops to tablets and iPhones’, nothing is off limits.

  • No training required, users can connect and go
  • Meeting set-up time is dramatically reduced as there are no complicated cables
  • There is no software to be downloaded
  • Workers can also connect via the ClickShare app
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