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Digital Signage

It is important to have a strong workplace culture to attract and retain the right people for your business, improving employee engagement and ultimately improve productivity for the business. Digital signage in designated zones to reinforce brand messages as well as internal and external messages for employees and customers to improve communication throughout the company.

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Reserva is an interactive room sign, meeting room booking system that solves the dilemma and frustrations that often come with booking rooms and connecting workers to meeting spaces. Through the use of smarter space management, employees can instantly see which rooms are free or busy, and can place meeting times more effectively.

  • Book and reserve rooms in confidence from the interactive touchscreen
  • Track room usage and patterns so smart decisions can be made about future meeting spaces
  • Manage meeting spaces effectively and fairly
  • Works with a variety of scheduling software including Microsoft® Outlook®, Google Calendar®


A global leader in digital signage – Ideal to use in welcome spaces and social spaces, Onelan is a captive communication tool to promote a company’s brand identity and culture, display information to visitors/customers via images, video and text.

  • Direct visitors with interactive and searchable maps
  • Show emergency information
  • Display meeting schedules
  • Entertain
  • Train staff
  • Monitor internal metrics
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