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Do I need to partner with an office fit out specialist?

The short answer to this question is: No, partnering with an office fit out or office refurbishment specialist is not mandatory…

The longer answer to this question is: …but doing so will have many, many advantages for the continued running of the business and wellbeing of its workforce during the process.

Should you choose to carry out any fit out or refurb work yourself, you run the risk of:

  • Not being aware of (or compliment with) all of the necessary rules and regulations
  • Running out of time through a lack of experience managing a project of this scale
  • Paying over the odds for products and services without the right contacts and connections
  • Working with low quality subcontractors who don’t have the right skills or accreditations
  • Letting your business, communication and employee wellbeing suffer as you deal with the project and liaise with a network of partners

Tips on how to save space with office furniture during an office fit out

The benefits of hiring an office fit out expert

The advantages that come of partnering with a fit out specialist are closely linked to the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer. They will have years’ worth of skills, knowledge, experience and contacts that they can use to afford you peace of mind, added value and a much higher standard of finish.

More specifically:

Insight into industry trends – Working within the industry means that a professional expert will be aware of the current trends influencing design and be able to apply this to your own workspace.

This could be biophilic interior design to enhance employee wellbeing, or resimercial influence to create a warm, welcoming reception area.

A future-proofing frame of mind – Through experience and skillset, a fit out specialist will be able to identify opportunities to maximise the adaptability and growth potential within the design scheme.

Client discussing office refurbishment with office fit out specialist

One point of contact project management – One of the biggest advantages of partnering with a professional is that they will be able to act as a single point of contact to take away the hassle of liaising with a network of subcontractors.

Access to the best possible prices – Along with a wealth of experience and industry insight, a fit out expert will also have the contacts which will enable you to benefit from the most cost-efficient prices. This means you can maximise your budget and the cash you are investing into the project.

Ticking the right Health & Safety boxes – An office fit out specialist is trained to adhere to rules, regulations and legal requirements around health and safety. Partnering with one will ensure you’re doing everything ‘by the book’.

Office Interiors by Penketh Group help clients to achieve outstanding working environments. Collaborative workspaces are essential if you want your workers to think and work creatively

Specialist aftercare services – Some office fit out services (such as our own) will also provide you with aftercare services once the project has been completed. This may take the form of retrofit parts or the provision of additional furniture requirements.

Click for more on the benefits of working with a fit out professional.

The next stage? Selecting the right fit out partner for the job.

Our advice…

Using office technology

What to look for in the perfect fit out partner:

  • Close proximity to your workspace to enable seamless communication – this is something we pride ourselves on for our Liverpool and Manchester office fit out projects
  • Experience – read case studies, testimonials and research any prospective fit out companies before agreeing to work with them
  • They are able to provide a bespoke solution which meets your requirements and budget guidelines – not a one-size-fits-all approach
  • They can offer additional value-added services such as relocation and move management
  • Make sure they have worked on projects of a similar scale previously if yours is a particularly large project
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