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Can agile working boost productivity?

The short answer to this question is: yes, agile working can boost productivity – quite significantly when implemented correctly in fact. From improving communication lines between staff to giving employees the choice and control they need to feel motivated, agile working is a proven catalyst in output and efficiency.

In this blog post, we’re going to explain why implementing more agile working tactics is a great place to start if you’re wondering how to improve productivity in the workplace but first…

What is agile working?

Agile working is a modern concept in which employers actively encourage their workforce to operate where, when and how they choose through workspace design and office technology. This agility typically manifests itself in the time staff work, a more lenient approach to working location, more interchangeable roles and the methods by which staff choose to meet their objectives.

What is agile working and how can it improve productivity

Some people find themselves confused about the difference between agile working and flexible working so it’s worth noting that while flexible working is something largely dictated by the employee for convenience, agile working is a tool used by the employer to achieve short and long-term business goals.

How can agile working improve productivity?

A happier, healthier workforce with more seamless access to technology and resources is one that is motivated, productive and communicates well with their peers. An agile approach to work can foster this kind of environment by:

Facilitating a diverse range of work modes – When staff are able to choose the most appropriate setting to complete a varied range of tasks, they are more likely to perform to their best ability.

What is agile working and how can it improve productivity

For example, in a noisy workspace where office acoustics are bad, staff are more easily distracted and frustrated through lack of concentration. However, if they have a focus pod or a quiet zone where they can get up and move to – to work without distraction – productivity levels will naturally improve.

Offers more choice and control – The whole mantra around agile working is to offer employees more choice and control during their day, which is something we champion here at Penketh Group. Permitting this personal autonomy will nurture a workforce which feels appreciated, considered and more responsible for the work they are producing.

Making workplace technology more adaptable – AV and tech within the workplace have had to become a lot more flexible as a result of agile working. Employees are now able to move technology and devices around the workplace more freely which enables them to work smarter and more efficiently.

What is agile working and how can it improve productivity

Helps attract and retain young talent – According to research by Mindspace which we discussed in our blog about what millennials look for in a workplace, 25% of 18-24-year olds are desperate for more breakout areas, while 23% want more space for private work and 19% want more creative brainstorming areas.

Adopting a more agile working environment will facilitate the modern work settings millennials want and demonstrate that you are a progressive, evolving company and subsequently help attract and retain new talent. Engaging young talent will open the door to new processes, fresh perspectives and more efficient ways of working.

Now you know more about why you should be introducing a more agile working environment, read our expert tips on how to design an agile workspace.

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