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Why the office is more than just a commute destination

Today marks the launch of our People Are Joy campaign – a human-centric communication designed to tug on your heart strings and remind you of the importance of the little things in life. More specifically, the little things about office life – the stuff we all once took for granted and the reason why we want our workspaces back.

Last year we saw the world change in a way none of us expected. Life as we knew it was turned on its head. Morning commutes turned into short journeys to the living room, collaboration sessions went digital, meetings were held through the screen, and our homes became our workstations.

We managed and it was necessary but looking to the future, we believe the office is still integral to our productivity, our wellbeing and our happiness as social human beings.


If you’re anything like us, for the past twelve months you will have been missing those laughs over lunch, the catch ups at the water cooler, impromptu idea-sharing, the ‘good morning’s and the ‘see you tomorrow’s.

You’ll have missed the mid-work chats about what you’re bingeing on Netflix, where you’re going at the weekend or the holidays you’ve got planned; the book recommendations, smiles as you pass on the stairs, and even the dreaded brew round with five different types of milk.

Last year, we did a series of Staff Spotlight posts, during which we asked the Penketh Group staff what each of them missed most about being in the workplace. The verdict was unanimous: people.

Here are some of the fabulous comments we gathered: 

“The people, definitely. After working at Penketh Group for 24 years, they have become my second family. I really miss the casual chats about the TV the night before, or discussing a work issue with others. We work hard but we do have a laugh daily too about something or other and I am missing that for sure.” – Sue Taylor, Corporate Responsibility Manager

“I miss the buzz of the office, I miss laughing with my colleagues, the camaraderie, strategising on how we are going to win a project, the excitement of a showroom visit and of course, the after work beers!”– Chris Penketh, Sales Director

“Without doubt, the people. On the odd occasion I have actually worked in the office you really appreciate the energy other people give you, whether that’s ideas that spring from random conversations or just the typical office chat and laughter that you normally take for granted.” – Chris Birchall, Workplace Consultant 

“Definitely conversation and my work colleagues who have also become my friends.” – Carla Carr, Marketing Manager

“One of the great things about working at Penketh Group is the personalities that work there. There is never a dull moment and although we take our roles seriously, there isn’t a day without belly laughs and good old banter.”– Martin Taylor, Av & Tech Specialist

“I miss the people and the banter the most. Nobody shouts “the floor is lava” at home and there are no ten minute rounds of tag and I’ve heard all of my husbands jokes…” – Shelley Hatton, Interior Designer 

So, as we launch our campaign video into the world and encourage everybody to take stock of the simple things in life – because COVID has taught us that now more than ever – here is why to us, the office is way more than just a commute destination or somewhere to tick off your to-do list:

Idea-generation and collaboration

According to American professor of Psychology, Albert Mehrabian‘s famous 7-38-55 rule, 55% of communication is visual, 38% is vocal and only 7% is through the words you use.

So, although remote meetings and virtual collaboration will undoubtedly be on the rise moving forward – and made more efficient through increasingly sophisticated workplace tech – face-to-face collaboration and idea-sharing are crucial.

Office Interiors by Penketh Group help clients to achieve outstanding working environments. Collaborative workspaces are essential if you want your workers to think and work creatively

Body language, eye contact, vocal intonation and visual communication are all vital elements in relationship-building and idea-sharing amongst staff – all things which can only be truly fulfilled in the shared, physical workspace.

Wellbeing and support

When designed well, with a user-focused strategy, the office provides workers with a diverse choice of postures and positions to interchange between throughout the day. This dramatically improves longterm comfort, as well as supporting better physical health.

The 2021 New Way of Working report from Fellowes revealed that there are some people across the UK currently working from their beds or floors due to not having a suitable working environment at home. This will lead to a variety of muscular and skeletal issues if it is left to continue.

Working from home

Not only does the tangible workplace support better physical health, it also boots morale and mental wellbeing. Loneliness and isolation can lead to demotivation and more serious issues like depression, which is why we believe it’s so important to (safely) surround yourself with colleagues and comrades on a regular basis. The purpose-built workplace is the ideal place in which to do this.

Once you’re done here, head on over to our Instagram @PenkethGroup and let us know what you’ve missed most about office life using the hashtag #PeopleAreJoy. 

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