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The office stationery your breakout space needs

By nature, a breakout area is a space away from the desk or individual work station which is designed to facilitate collaboration and idea-sharing. As we discovered in our exploration of what breakout means to different people, a breakout space can have many functionalities but that is its fundamental purpose.

As office fit out and interior design experts, we’re well-versed in offering our advice on the best furniture for a breakout area and how to layout the space. What we’re going to cover in this blog post is the business supplies and office stationery you need to include in a breakout area to make the most of the space…

Social spaces are one of the best ways to boost creativity in the workplace

Whiteboard markers and drywipe erasers

Mounted and portable whiteboards have been a standard part of workspace design for a long time now. What we’re noticing a new trend towards in what clients are asking for, however, are glass write-on walls and scribble surfaces.

Whichever your preference, you’re going to need to ensure you’re stocked up on drywipe pens and erasers in order to make the most of the co-creative potential.

Workspace with high table and high stool next to a workspace with a soft seat and low white table separated by a write on wall and glass door

A flipchart and refill pads

While technology is an essential for many people in the modern working world, it is also important to cater for both digital and analogue creativity. Flipcharts are a great way facilitate those members of staff who feel most engaged when they’re able to put pen to paper.

Post-It notes and marker pens

A great alternative to flipcharts (and something we actually use in our own Innovation Room) are sticky notes which can be placed on a wall or surface and moved around easily.


Of course, something like the Google Jamboard is an electronic equivalent but as we mentioned above, workers create and learn in a number of different styles. Some staff prefer something more tangible and Post-Its are an effective way to satisfy this mode of working.

Printer paper, inks and toners

Depending on the size of your breakout space, you may have a resource area where office machines such as printers and photocopiers are kept. If so, you will need to ensure that you keep a supply of paper, toners and inks in order to make this a functional and efficient addition to the space.

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A bin and recycling facilities

Breakout spaces are commonly used for brainstorming ideas and strategy planning, amongst other things. This can mean that paper usage is quite high as staff scribble and share their ideas. Provide a bin and recycling facilities to keep the area clutter-free and eco-conscious.

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