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Here’s our review of the Google Jamboard

One of the most recent members to join the G Suite family goes by the name of Google Jamboard. This new piece of workspace tech combines the familiarity of the classic whiteboard with the innovative benefits of an interactive canvas. Announced in October 2016 and officially released in May 2017, the Jamboard is revolutionising collaboration and boosting creativity in the workplace.

The design is a reimagining of a conventional canvas to encourage co-working, long distance connectivity and a modern update on traditional conference calling.

What does the Google Jamboard do?

Mounted on a portable stand with a single cable set up, the 55-inch screen with 4k display is super easy to manoeuvre around the workplace and supports agile working. An interactive stylus and eraser which needs neither batteries nor device pairing means you no longer need to worry about running out of ink. Recognition technology converts handwriting into type and sketches into digital shapes so your brainstorming sessions and collaboration spaces can become a whole lot more efficient.

The concept enables real-time co-authoring and the ability to pull in media files and web content straight from the Google Search results. Multiple users can contribute to a Jam whether they’re a resident worker or a mobile member of staff and reap the rewards of cloud-based collaboration as the Jamboard integrates with the Google Drive. Its HD camera brings conferencing calling up to date, while a digital touchscreen evolves to recognise fingertips as well as its inclusive stylus.


How Google Jamboard is boosting efficiency at work

Google Jamboard is way more than just a cool piece of kit that would look great in your conference space; this visual display solution is actually revolutionising the way we work. Collaboration sessions are being made more streamline with team-focused technology but it is meeting spaces where we’re seeing the biggest benefits of Google Jamboard play out.

Some of the main advantages of incorporating Google Jamboard into your meeting space or conference room design are:

  • The ability to record meetings and share via the Drive afterwards.
  • The option to save a Jam to the Drive so it can be accessed by everybody.
  • The integration of collaborative technology where users can contribute from any device.
  • Seamless integration with Google Hangouts to connect with remote workers.
  • A 16-touch point response to facilitate multiple collaborators at any one time.
  • The ability to ‘claim’ a Jam when you walk into a meeting space so everyone stays in the loop.
  • Remote contribution via the Google Jamboard app from any Android or IOS device.

Fancy a free Google Jamboard demo?

With so many innovative features and advantages for workplace productivity available but a pretty high price tag, you might want to try the Google Jamboard out before committing to an investment. We have one up and running at our WorkLife showroom in the Manchester Neo Building and we’d be more than happy to give you an exclusive demo.

Get the low down on the Google Jamboard best features

Come along to the space where we can catch up over a cuppa while you put the interactive whiteboard to the test. See the co-authoring collaboration and HD camera in action and if you like what you see, we can then go over the leasing and installation options we have available to you.

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