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How office design can communicate your brand

When you think of business branding and brand identity, the typical go-to variables are usually Pantone references, logos, websites, business cards and general marketing activity. Brand is all about whizzy graphic design, social media profiles and witty advertising, right?


Of course, these things are crucial in the overall creation of a strong brand which succeeds in setting itself apart from the rest.

In this article however, we want to open your mind to the dramatic impact workspace design and office furniture can have on how your brand is perceived by both staff and customer.

Office fit out & interior design: unsung heroes of branding

In the same way a member of staff attending a networking event is an extension of your business, office design and workspace facilities have the power to say a thousand words about your brand ethics and identity.

The working environment is the face of a business so it needs to look and feel right for staff, visitors, clients and partners to have the desired brand experience.

Whether it’s a financial institution looking to break the stereotype of drab uninspiring offices, or a creative agency wanting to inspire collaboration and boast cutting-edge communication, workspace design is paramount.

Comfortable and inspiring boardroom

By office design and workspace facilities we mean:

  • Space planning and strategic configuration
  • A diverse variety of different workspaces and settings
  • Innovatively designed commercial furniture
  • Modern office technology (such as digital signage to convey brand messages companywide)
  • Carefully-considered colours, fabrics and finishes

Let’s look at some of these in more detail…

agile working environment with private meeting room

Strategic space planning & office layout

How a workspace is structured during the office fit out process should be directly influenced by brand culture and identity.

A company which prides itself on forward-thinking, creativity and collaboration will best reflect their intentions through open plan office design.

On the other hand, a business which involves a lot of intricate processes and confidential data would be best taking advantage of acoustic solutions, space division and some private offices with doors.

Incorporating acoustic solutions in office workplace to encourage collaboration

An ecosystem of diverse work settings

Closely linked to the layout of a workspace is the actual work settings it includes and the work modes it facilitates.

If you want your brand to be perceived as progressive, inclusive and a place where staff are motivated and productive, you need to offer them more choice and control around how, when and where they work.

Include everything from collaborative work areas and social spaces to rejuvenation zones and private spaces to create a positive brand image and inspiring working environment.

Key accents & finishing touches

Once you’ve got the layout, workspace configuration and products sorted, it’s time to think about those all-important personal touches.

Diverse work settings, strategic furniture selection and technology set out the bedrock of your brand identity but colour palettes, fabrics, accessories and trend experimentation give the space personality.


Office refurbishment enhancing Brand Identity of Main Rum Bar


Company colours are amongst the very basics of branding but these don’t just have to appear on website pages, marketing material or social media profiles.

Brand colours should be incorporated into physical workspace design too for consistency and to make your brand instantly recognisable to internal and external people.

Fabrics & finishes:

With such a wide variety of wall finishes, fabrics, flooring products and construction materials available, this is a great chance to be a little more playful with how your present your brand to the working world.

Bright modern office with plants

Choosing softer fabrics and warmer colours, for example, will help staff feel more ‘at home’ through resimercial office design. This will, in turn, also nurture wellbeing and good mental health.

Opting for exposed brick walls, concrete flooring and mixed metal light fixtures, for example, will likely appeal to a younger employee and help you attract and retain the best new industry talent.

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