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How to make a workspace feel like home

Figures released earlier this year by the EU’s statistics arm, Eurostat have demonstrated a concerning discrepancy between the amount of time Britons are spending at work and output achieved. According to the data, Britons are now spending an average of 42 hours and 18 minutes a week at work, which is more than any other country in Europe.

Despite this surge in working hours – which has remained consistent since the 2008 recession – productivity levels, efficiency and profitability are lower than other EU countries working much less hours.

We argue that this could be improved by creating homelier workspaces which integrate private and professional lives more seamlessly.

Modern minimalist biophilic office

Integrating private and professional lives via workspace design

The statistics above provide even more proof that business owners need to be doing more to optimise their workspaces in order to boost productivity as we are now spending more time at work than ever.

An integration of private and personal lives is a natural evolution as we spend more hours every week at the office and an effective way of facilitating this is by creating a homelier and more comfortable workspace.

Top tips on how to make an office feel like home

Here’s our advice on how to make your workplace feel more like home:

Take advantage of the resimercial design trend

Resimercial design combines traditional commercial design with softer, residential touches and is one of the hottest trends in the industry right now. The concept is all about making the office a home from home so here are some quick tips on how you can achieve it:

Lighting – Opt for warmer lighting with more design-led fixtures such as the Wire Lamp.

Colour – Choose a more domestic colour palette as long as it doesn’t disrupt your brand image.

how to choose the right design for your office

Furniture – Go for soft seating that has been designed for commercial use but wouldn’t look out of place in your living room such as the Love Chair & Sofa or the Turn Table.

Implement a biophilic workspace design

Another effective way to introduce more domestic design elements into the workplace is to look into biophilic features. The benefits of biomimicry in the workplace are multifaceted with one of the main advantages being the fostering of a relaxed and comfortable environment to work in.

Modern classy office welcome area, co-working space

Incorporate a WorkCafe and purpose-built social spaces

According to a study by Steelcase, 91% of employees agree that having a space where they can recharge and reenergise is important. Providing this in the workplace through a WorkCafe and social spaces will make the office a more comfortable place to be and provide a ‘third place’ between work and home.

Click for more information on how a WorkCafe can create a ‘third place’.

Consider permitting a pet-friendly office

If you really are committed to making your workspace feel more like a home from home, you could also consider implementing a policy which permits pets in the office. If this is something you’d like to explore further, read our blog post on the pros and cons of a pet-friendly workplace.


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