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The benefits of an office refurbishment

Office refurbishment can be a costly expense, depending on the scale and requirements of the project so it’s important to know when to refurbish an office and also understand the reasons for why you’re refurbing. Being aware of the main benefits around office refurbishments – from improving productivity to implementing new technologies – can go a long way to supporting this…

Facilitating more agile modes of working – Agile working is one of the most prevalent cornerstones of modern working life and something which many employees now look for.

What are the benefits of refurbishing an office?

Many traditional offices don’t have the capability to facilitate this flexibility so a refurb presents a chance to reconfigure and accommodate new products and more diverse work settings – whether it’s dedicated collaboration settings, breakout areas or social spaces such as a WorkCafe.

Introducing modern office technology – Another component that an office refurbishment can open the doors to are the features which come with innovations in workplace technology.

Combating workplace issues – Some of the most common workplace issues businesses face today include excess noise, a lack of privacy and work-related ill health due to poorly designed furniture. An office refurb gives you the chance to invest in ergonomic office furniture, acoustic solutions and innovative products designed to combat these problems.

Encouraging productivity and collaboration – Another one of the main benefits of an office refurbishment is the opportunity to refresh your workspace design and products in order to garner a more productive and collaborative environment. This is particularly beneficial if your current workspace hinders collaboration and creativity through dated design and lack of resource.

What are the benefits of refurbishing an office?

Boosting motivation and engagement levels – A fresh new look can work wonders for team morale and employee engagement as an outdated office becomes a flexible, contemporary workspace which meets modern requirements.

Providing staff with more choice and control around where, when and how they work through innovative design choices, product developments and new technology will inspire a fresh perspective on attitudes to work.

What are the benefits of refurbishing an office?

Attracting and retaining new talent – If you want to attract and retain a new generation of talent, you need to ensure the workspace you’re offering is equipped with the right facilities. A refurbishment is the perfect opportunity to address this if not, which is exactly what we did at Jaguar Land Rover’s new Manchester office earlier this year.

A chance to evaluate spending – Although an office refurbishment might seem like a huge cost at first, it can actually save you money in the long run.

What is the difference between agile working and hot desking?

For example, introducing the concept of hot desking will make use of space more cost-effective and create more room within the existing space to rule out any unnecessary relocation for expansion.

Bolster your brand image and messaging – In the same way your physical appearance can speak volumes about who you are before somebody even knows you, the look and feel of a workspace has the power to create a lasting impression of your business, its values and its identity.

What are the benefits of refurbishing an office?

If you feel that your current workspace is not sending out the right signals to clients, customers or staff, an office refurbishment can put this right and bring your branding up to date.

Reassess new health and safety regulations – Last but not least, a refurb project is the perfect chance to evaluate and address whether or not your workspace adheres to updated Health & Safety regulations.

So, now you’ve got a better understand of the many advantages that come with refreshing your workspace, you might be wondering about the financial implications. If so, read our advice on how to pay for an office refurbishment or our expert tips on completing an office refurbishment on a budget.

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