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Benefits of an office fit out: what a specialist will tell you

The decision to refit your workspace or carry out any kind of office refurbishment is not one that should be taken lightly. For that reason, we always recommend doing plenty of preliminary research before embarking on a project so you can gain some insight around things like:

A great place to start though is by familiarising yourself with some of the main advantages that an office fit out can bring:

Eco-friendly office design ideas

Make room for new office technology & AV

Most people would only consider running this kind of project every 10 years or so, which means that workspace technology will most probably need updating.

An office fit out is therefore the perfect excuse to dispose of any outdated or redundant technology that could potentially be hindering productivity.

You can then replace it with modern technology which has been developed with collaboration, idea-sharing and innovation in mind.

The best technology for a co-working space

AV & tech we recommend:

  • ClickShare – to facilitate multi-user participation (pictured above).
  • media:scape – an integration of furniture and collaborative technology.
  • SMART Board – ideal for idea-sharing and connecting remote and resident workers.
  • Power & data – streamline the space, reduce clutter and provide sufficient connectivity.

The best furniture to include in a co-working space to boost collaboration and productivity

Shout about your brand values more effectively

Another of the main benefits that come with a fit out is the chance to readdress how your brand images, messages and values are being communicated through the look and feel of your workspace.

Expressing your brand is something that comes into play in both Cat A and Cat B fit outs

From brand manifestation on office partition walls and the configuration of the space to fabrics, colours and décor, your brand is something that needs to stay central to the process.

Why does this matter?

Your workspace is a physical extension of who you are, what you do and how you want to be perceived by both customers and employees so you need to ensure your office design sends out the right signals.

What are the benefits of refurbishing an office?

Considering this during the design process will enable you to create work settings, meeting rooms and a reception area that makes a knock-out first impression. This is important for instilling the right messages in both internal and external parties.

Boost engagement & motivation

We always say that if you notice a dip in motivation, engagement or productivity then it’s almost certainly time to consider a fit out or refurb.

Rethinking and redesigning the working environment is a great way to refresh approaches, bolster brand values and offer staff more diverse settings and updated resource.

It’s also the ideal opportunity to embrace the work-life balance which will appeal to existing staff as well as new talent.

…but how?

  • Introduce new types of work setting such as collaboration spaces, a WorkCafe and breakout areas.
  • Incorporate modern office technology to encourage idea generation.
  • Give your office furniture a face lift and diversify your portfolio to include things like soft seating, modular furniture, acoustic furniture and ergonomically-designed furniture such as the Steelcase Gesture chair shown below.

Improve collaboration & communication in the workplace

One of the most effective ways to enhance staff collaboration and communication is by incorporating a social space within the office design.

A social space is a place where staff can go to relax, rejuvenate and build relationships in a casual capacity with colleagues. This then improves professional communication lines throughout the business.

Other effective ways to drive collaborative behaviour and communication:

  • Provide acoustic solutions and noise control where necessary
  • Video conferencing facilities to connect resident and mobile workers
  • Facilitate impromptu meetings and touchdown work

Social spaces are an important part of modern office design

Make better use of office space & spend more wisely

Transforming your workspace gives you the opportunity to abandon old fashioned approaches to working life such as dedicated desks and assigned workstations.

These run the risk of wasting valuable space and resource and should now be replaced with more fluid and adaptable features such as hot desking and agile working.


While an office refurb might initially require financial commitment and patience during the transformation process, it is a great way to save money in the long run.

By optimising the use of space, being more economical with the furniture you choose and reducing wasted resource, you can significantly lower overheads while nurturing a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.

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