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What does an office fit out cost?

So, you’re considering an office fit out…but before you embark on such a big commitment you want an idea of budget requirements and an understanding of various considerations that can influence the overall cost.

The simple answer is that no two fit out projects are the same, and what was perfect for one business may be the complete opposite of the work required for your own office fit out.

Companies approach us for fit out projects for a number of reasons, often they have outgrown their existing space and need to review the design and layout to allow for more desks and workers, or they are looking to move into a new premises which could need anything from a little TLC and some modernisation, right through to new ceilings and electrics.

We recommend that £250-£350 per person is required for new furniture for an office fit out

But, where do the costs come from, and how much is your fit out project likely to cost? We typically break the costs down into three categories, Standard, Mid-Level and High Spec.

Standard office fit out costs

Our standard office fit out costs start at between £10-£15 per Sq. Ft. If budgets are tight and the main objective is to ensure that you are left with a space that combines practicality and comfort, this is the guide price our workplace consultants would give.

Adding or removing walls is a popular part of many office fit out projects. This enables the creation of breakout and collaborative work spaces

Typically, we would recommend that £250-£350 per person is required for new furniture for a standard finished space. This would include desk, chair and personal storage.

To put this in real terms, if your building is 4,000 Sq. Ft and you have 40 workers, the fit out would start from £40,000 – £60,000 with furniture costs ranging from £10,000 – £14,000.

Mid-Level office fit out costs

If you want your workplace to create the right impression, be reflective of your brand and culture, and provide a choice of spaces for workers, then this would be our recommendation. Mid-level office fit out typically costs £20-£45 per Sq. Ft and this budget would give us the freedom to assess your current space and make recommendations that could have a positive impact on your company. This may include adding or removing walls for the creation of new breakout or collaborative spaces that encourage workers to come together, think innovatively and share ideas.

High spec office fit out projects allow the client to create their dream workplace including features such as media rooms and social spaces

Furniture of a mid-level fitout project would cost between £350-£600 per person and this would allow for options that consider everything from user comfort to integrated power. The finished result would be a striking workspace that has employee wellbeing at the core of its design.

If you want your workplace to create the right impression and reflect your brand culture, we recommend a mid-level office fit out

High Spec office fit out costs

If your project isn’t cost centric, and no expense should be spared, then we would present fit-out designs that start for £50 per Sq. Ft upwards and would work with the client to create their dream workplace. We would consider every detail, from the front of the building and welcoming area, through to the toilets and even shower facilities…want a cinema room with integrated popcorn machine…no problem. We would be very much led our client’s vision, to create workspace that is truly remarkable.

Our high specification furniture starts from £750 per person and will put wellbeing, engagement and innovation at the core of the design.

Collaborative workspaces and breakout areas are a great way to inspire creative and boost productivity. Consider including these in your office fit out project

There are no rules…

Remember that all of the information above is a just guide, and there are no hard and fast rules to follow – you can opt for a basic fit out job project and combine this with mid-range furniture if your existing space permits and we will always endeavour to work with our clients to create a truly bespoke solution.

Whilst the specification can give a good representative cost, it is important to consider that the existing mechanical and electric systems, which include elements such as power and air-conditioning may need to be replaced. To air on the side of caution, we also recommend that should clients need this level of work, the costs can dramatically be increased.

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