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Improving communication & collaboration at Whitford Ltd image

Improving communication & collaboration at Whitford Ltd

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Whitford Ltd chose to work with Penketh Group after identifying the need to reduce spiralling communication and travel costs, to improve collaboration and to incorporate visual aids in meeting spaces.

“Training sessions are also much more productive and engaging for staff, creating a positive atmosphere…”

  • European video conferencing infrastructure implemented within data centre to provide reliable multi-site high definition video and data calls
  • SMART collaboration system installed into boardroom to support a collaborative working environment
  • High definition projection and audio system deployed into conference room
  • Projection system implemented into lab for enhanced training and development of staff
  • Sectors: Whitford Ltd
  • Project Type: Technology Integration
  • Project Value: 60k
  • Download a complete project PDF: Download PDF


Martin Garnett
Managing Director
Whitford Ltd

“As a result of our newly installed equipment, we are now achieving
significant and measurable cost and time savings. ”


“Our employees are able to globally video conference and share
information instantly with other team members, regardless of

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