Modern offices at One Colmore Row to attract and retain long-term tenants for Catella APAM

Bright hospitality-inspired office space with plants and modern decor

One Colmore Row features 200,000 square foot of modern office accommodation located over 10 different floors. Penketh Group’s interiors team worked alongside the project team on multiple floors to help transform the space into a plug-and-play working environment that will attract and retain long-term tenants.

  • Project type

    Furniture Consultancy

  • Date

    February 2024

  • Sector

    Commercial offices

  • Project Size

    18,000 sq. ft.

“Working with Penketh Group is always a pleasure. When liaising with the project architect on specifications and the contractor on cost and delivery timescales, it's just so great to know we can rely on the team to deliver. The project team needed to produce a co-working space that will stand out in a competitive market and Penketh Group were an integral part of making this happen at One Colmore.”

James Garthwaite, Bloc Projects

Welcome to One Colmore Row

One Colmore Row is a stunning building in the very heart of Birmingham’s bustling business district. It’s a prestigious part of town and one that is popular for a range of difference businesses, from big blue chips to small start-ups.

As the furniture consultancy arm, we worked alongside the project manager (Bloc Building Consultancy), contractor (Blok Projects), and design partner (Associated Architects) to fulfil the brief, on-time and within budget, for the premises’ landlord, Catella APAM

Attracting and retaining tenants

Each and every detail on all floors of One Colmore Row has been designed with its tenants in mind — an extremely user-centric space. Work settings include a Town Hall space, kitchens, desking, boardrooms, meeting rooms, social spaces, focus zones and breakout areas, down to micro details like acoustic baffles to help control noise levels and aid productivity.

As part of ensuring the landlord can attract and retain tenants, Penketh Group’s interiors team also consulted on the technology for the space. This includes TVs, screens of multiple sizes and ClickShare, an award-winning wireless meeting room system for more streamlined video conferencing, collaboration and presentation delivery.

This tech meant that all basics are covered so tenants can plug-and-play (move in and start work immediately) but there’s also plenty of flexibility if they need to install more comprehensive technology for themselves too.


“I absolutely love the finished result of this space! It's truly a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in the project. We've transformed this space into a high-quality office environment situated in a prime Birmingham location, providing an excellent atmosphere for productivity and success ”

Sam Noton, Senior Project Consultant, Penketh Group

Premium finish, controlled budget

The combination of fabrics, colours, textures, shapes and technology used in the space create a premium finish that matches the building’s prestigious surroundings. However, we were able to create this finish within a controlled budget stipulated by the client thanks to strategic furniture specification and long-standing relationships with leading manufactures.

We strongly believe that budget shouldn’t stand in the way of the desired finish or function of a space which is why we work hard to tick as many of our client’s boxes within the scope of what they’re willing to spend.

One Colmore Row is a brilliant example of the clever cost engineering the Penketh Group interiors team use to achieve this. Plus, a more premium workspace is an effective way to appeal to tenants with more cash flow and budget to spend on commercial office rent.

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