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Recycling and reusing existing furniture at Magenta Living image

Recycling and reusing existing furniture at Magenta Living

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Penketh Group were selected through a competitive tender process to relocate and refurbish existing furniture for the entire staff (circa 345), as well as supply furniture for new multi-purpose areas, from the current head office and four main satellite offices, to a new head office at the Partnership Building.

The Partnership Building offers Magenta significant savings in terms of rent, rates and energy efficiency and it was just as important to get value for money from the furniture investment.  By revisiting the furniture installed as part of a tender process won 7 years ago. Penketh Group were able to recycle and reuse all the existing the furniture to maximise the investment and Create new more flexible areas.

  • Smaller desktops were added to the existing framework to give more space for a more flexible overall environment; with multi-use breakout and collaborative areas
  • The new Magenta Living brand was reflected throughout the furniture scheme
  • Multi-purpose meeting rooms were created to adapt to small team and conference style meetings
  • Bespoke furniture with integrated IT was supplied for the Customer Hub in Partnership Building
  • Sectors: Housing Association
  • Project Type: Refurbishment
  • Project Value: 180k
  • Project Date: June 2013
  • Download a complete project PDF: Download PDF


Michelle Plimely,
Project Manager
Magenta Living

“The feedback on Partnership Building has been very positive… We’ve found that improvements follow when staff are brought together and we have become a lot more productive as a business, with staff sending less emails and communicating better”

“This move has brought all of our office based staff together in a fresh new environment.. the large breakout area gives staff the opportunity to get together in an informal setting”


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