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The workplace essentials you might have forgotten about

As we mentioned in our post on the importance of office storage, some workplace essentials can fall into the shadows of more exciting things such as new technology and modern office furniture.

However, when embarking on an office fit out or refurbishment project, it’s paramount that you don’t forget those all-important fine details.

To give you a nudge in the right direction, we’ve compiled a list of the workplace essentials you might have forgotten about to ensure they end up back on your radar…

Essential office refurbishment project checklist

Office machines  

After furniture, fabrics and space configuration, office machinery should be high on your priority list during an office fit out or refurbishment. By this we mean printers and photocopiers, which could also fall under the umbrella of Managed Print Services (MPS).

What are Managed Print Services?

MPS helps to fully automate traditional processes, from scanning and printing to filing, archiving and the safe storage of documents. It’s a great way to reduce paper consumption, printing costs and the security of important data.

Find out more about our Liverpool and Manchester based MPS services.

Day-to-day business supplies

Sometimes the most obvious things are the ones that can be easily forgotten and general business supplies often fall under this category.

Don’t forget basic resources such as:

  • Paper, notepads and envelopes
  • Spare printer inks and toners
  • Folders, files and storage boxes
  • Pens, pencils and other writing equipment

Workspace organisation & personalisation

Earlier this month we joined Bruntwood’s Andrew Butterworth in discussing the rise of personalisation in workspace design. This covers how workers are now looking for more unique workspaces which have taken bespoke requirements into consideration.

On a small scale, this can include products which cater to individual needs such as gel mouse mats for staff prone to carpel tunnel syndrome, under-desk foot rest for ergonomic benefit and cable tidy solutions to declutter.

Things like coat stands and pedestal storage products are also effective ways to keep individual workstations organised and the workspace as a whole clear and tidy.

Modern office with white ergonomic chair, brown storage cabinets and a screen on a grey wall

Snacks & refreshments for staff to refuel

Providing things like tea, coffee, water and fruit for staff throughout the day was once considered a luxury but these days, it is something employees have come to expect as standard.

These can be kept within your WorkCafe or social space to encourage staff to come together in a relaxed and purpose-built environment.

Office cleaning products & recycling

Basic hygiene products are also a must when it comes to providing workplace necessities. This covers products such as:

  • Alcohol hand sanitisers
  • Kitchen cleaning products
  • Toilet hygiene products such as soap and sanitary bins
  • Rubbish bins
  • Recycling facilities

Green recycling bin with hand putting in a brown paper coffee cup

Welcome to your new workspace gifts

This is an element which isn’t necessarily an essential part of relocation or refurbishment but something we would definitely recommend if you have budget available.

Promotional gifts can be a great way to welcome a client or their employees into their new workspace and even be effective in inspiring a whole new company culture.

For example:

Leaving a package for each member of staff which contains something like a reusable water bottle, an ergonomic mouse mat and a branded stress ball will encourage better workplace wellbeing and environmental awareness too.

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