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Staff Spotlight: A catch up with Sales Director, Chris Penketh

In the next installment of our Staff Spotlights, we catch up with our Sales Director, Chris to find out more about how he has found adapting to more hybrid working and how he thinks teamwork will evolve post-pandemic. We also get his expert insights into the changes he has already noticed within the office fit out, design and refurbishment industry due to what is arguably one of the most seismic shifts in working attitudes and behaviours.

1. Hey Chris! What have you missed most about life in the Penketh Group office this year?

I miss pretty much everything about it to be honest. I miss the buzz of the office, I miss laughing with my colleagues, the camaraderie, strategising on how we are going to win a project, the excitement of a showroom visit and of course, the after work beers!

2. What shifts have you noticed within the fit out and refurbishment industry so far?

I’ve noticed that there has been a huge shift in the acceptance of agile and mobile working. Often when a client visits our showroom, they go away with so many ideas and we end up designing a fully agile and collaborative workspace but slowly, over time, it gets diluted and we end up creating a very traditional workspace. I think we will see approaches to that concept change – we already have.

3. What are your tips on maintaining collaboration and communication with your team when working remotely?

I email even less than I used to! Even if it’s trivial, I like to ring on Teams because seeing a friendly face always makes you feel better. It can also often generate a positive conversation or idea to help us gain a new client or increase business.

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4. How are you expecting teamwork to change moving forward?

I think general day-to-day work will change but I actually don’t think teamwork and collaboration will change at all. I believe that our customers will use this opportunity to turn their offices into collaboration hubs, so if anything, working environments will become more collaborative and creative than they were pre-COVID. I believe all collaboration will be done in the office with a greater variety and choice for the worker for other modes of work.

5.  You’re a bit of a self-confessed holiday junkie but if you were on a desert island and could only take 3 things with you, what would they be and why?  

Well firstly, I couldn’t think of anything worse than being stuck on a desert island so I would probably take a boat to get me back to normality ASAP but if I had to choose…

  • A device that allows me to watch the Liverpool FC games because I absolutely hate the thought of not being able to watch the match.
  • My golf clubs – I could kill 4 hours a day practicing.
  • My Apple Music collection because I couldn’t live without music.

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